Thankfully for once in this brutal Winter this weeks storm missed me here in NJ. So I will be live tonight 6-10P ET for TRUNKNation with Mick Mars in studio! Mick will also be taping TMS with us this week. What I love about radio is the chance to get much more in depth with artists and I’ll do that tonight with Mick for 2 hours! He is expected in around 8P ET for the rest of the show. Listen LIVE tonight on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) for music and talk that rocks! Call in and speak with Mick as well. The unsung hero or Motley Crue live in studio tonight, hope you can join us!

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  1. Great interview. Mick really knows the deal and understood what they needed to make it in the business. It’s really obvious how much older he is than the other guys in the band, and how much he’s more of a 60s/70s type of rocker. I really like listening to old live Rolling Stones and bands like Zep and Aerosmith who sounded live. The polished phoned-in backing vocals are garbage – I can’t believe bands pull that nowadays. If they can’t sing the backing vocals, hire some vocalists! Otherwise why not just listen to the record with canned applause.

    Mick’s comment about the Stones not being big in the 1970s was perplexing. They were a stadium act for most of the decade. I don’t know of a time when the Stones weren’t huge from around ’69 onwards.

  2. A lot of my pals were skeptical when Motley Crue hit in 1983. Dio’s Holy Diver was blowing our minds, Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” was still in heavy rotation, and Krokus was tripping us out with “Screaming in the Night.” Plus, the make-up thing was a red flag for SF Bay Area metalbangers. But I’d heard enough on 1st album Too Fast For Love to justify purchasing the follow-up Shout At The Devil, and then grab a couple of tickets and find a friend to head south to the San Jose Civic to see the Crue.
    The first thing we heard after Crue hit the stage was Mick Mars slamming the opening chords to “Shout at the Devil.” I looked at my friend over a sea of heads and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing: “This is some heavy shit.” I was fan for life, and would see Crue numerous times

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