It’s been a long cold Winter here in the NJ area, so I am thrilled to be heading to Florida tomorrow for a few days. I’ll be getting into Tampa tomorrow night (where I don’t think I have ever spent time), driving to Largo, and then hosting Jake E Lee at the Cultural Center this Friday night. I will be doing a meet & greet and book signing in the lobby prior to the show, starting around 6:30. Both my first and new book will be available for purchase as well. Hope to see you guys if in this part of FL.

Then Saturday it’s a drive to Miami to board the Monsters Of Rock Cruise! I have had the honor of hosting this every year and it is amazing how many great fans I get to hang out with and how many great bands everyone gets to see. This is a total blast and floating party for 3 full days. I do my best to see as much as I can but so much going on it’s hard to take it all in. I also need to get around the ship to various stages which can be a feat in itself, but all fun for sure. If you are on board look forward to seeing you. I will once again be doing a Q&A and book signing. Check your daily schedules to find out when and where. I will also have both of my books available for purchase at the signing on board. Also the band merch stands on the ship will have some TrunkNation shirts and more available the entire cruise.

Thanks for the support and hope to see you all. This weekend kicks off a super busy run of travel so keep an eye on this sites home page and my Twitter and FB for news and updates. Radio shows recorded this weekend since I am away. Please note I will have no online access while on the cruise so updates on this blog and uploading of comments may be more delayed than usual.

And don’t forget ALL NEW TMS this Saturday and next!

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  1. Eddie, have a safe flight today… look forward to meeting you in Largo this evening… the show is just about sold out… there’s about 100 tickets left when I checked… and they should go this evening… Can’t wait to see Jake again… it’ll be great!!!

  2. Eddie, I gotta tell ya, you looked great last night… you really look like you’re taking care of yourself… shed a few pounds etc…. cudo’s to you, you did a great job getting the crowd fired up and Jake E Lee was great too. Really wish I had just 5 more minutes to chat with you about the topic we were discussing (highly classified wink wink) perhaps you would be ok with it at a later time…..
    Bon voyage, have a safe cruise,
    Buddy (the flash light kid) Zappa

  3. Ed, LOVE the fact you are repping MANITOBA’S on the TMS Winery/Vinnie episode. It’s my fave Manhattan Rock ‘n’ Roll hangout…now how about some love for DUFF’s in Brooklyn?

  4. Eddie,

    Thank you for all that you do for our cause! Between you radio show and TMS it helps give us other shlups that love metal and hard rock a voice and a outlet.

    I saw you were in Largo with Jake. If I wasn’t already at the DIO Disciples show in St Pete I would have gone to your show!

    Safe travels on the high seas!

    Oh, will you, Don and Jim have anything to do with the Golden Gods Awards? I think you guys hosted the “Black Carpet” for the 2010 show.

    Tampa, FL

  5. interesting to see that Tommy and Eric now all of a sudden speaks about the Hall Of Fame, apparently they’ve been drinking the kool aid and sounds pretty cooky all of a sudden and thinks they deserved to be inducted…for what i may ask??? for those two crappy records you’ve been a part of or for playing other peoples songs? GTFOH since when is cover band musicians Hall of Fame material…

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