Shot another great new episode of That Metal Show last night in NYC. More great variety more new and returning guests! On guitar we had Frank Hannon of Tesla who did a kick ass job and pulled out all kinds of cool tricks and effects. Tesla was always one of my favorite all time 80’s hard rock acts and still are. This was his 3rd time playing for us and he killed it as usual. We also found a few minutes to have Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza and Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister on to discuss the death of their drummer AJ Pero. The TS camp and I are friends and have a ton of history and this is a great loss and I was glad we could get the guys on for a few minutes for AJ. Mark Tremonti is also on the show and has a great heavy new album coming with Tremonti his side project. And for the first time we had Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless. I very cool emerging new band on the scene building a great following around the world. Hope you guys enjoy this brand new episode. It premieres this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P. And remember you can see all the episodes online and many extras at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com We have 6 more new ones to tape. Audience tickets may or may not still be available but check at www.gothamcasting.com

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  1. Eddie,

    I was thinking the same thing you were thinking about the Stump the Trunk question about the last two Scorpions albums with Uli. Whenever I think of a band’s “albums,” I always think studio albums, not live albums, compilations, etc etc. And I know with those list questions, they usually say “no live, no greatest hits, etc.” So, when I was watching the show, I shared your frustration at the question because I also guessed Virgin Killer and Taken by Force.

    Good show overall. The segment with the TS guys was very touching.

    And here’s an idea for a future Top 5. Top bandmembers who had short, but very memorable stints with their bands. ie. Coverdale/Hughes in Purple, Dio in Sabbath, or Michael Kiske in Helloween.

    Keep the great shows coming.

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