Some big updates on the SiriusXM Volume Trunk Nation front! I just confirmed two broadcasts from Toronto. I have so many great listeners to my shows there and psyched to visit for the first time in decades. And I will be doing 2 shows live from the studio there with great guests! Tuesday 4/4 legendary producer Bob Ezrin joins me. Then Wednesday 4/5 all 3 original members of Triumph reunite in my studio! Both shows will be live 2-4P ET and replay 9-11P ET just like all my shows on Volume. Both shows will also be dedicated totally to those artists for the entire program. Guests this week coming on Volume are:

Monday- Jack Blades
Tuesday- Ted Nugent
Wednesday- Biff Byford, Neil Gerlado
Thursday- Phil Mogg

More soon, including broadcasts from the R&R HOF rehearsals in Brooklyn, shows from Tulsa, LA, M3 Festival and more!

So much going on, follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk

FM show debuts 11P ET tonight Q104 & WAAF. Both stations stream free

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  1. Hey Eddie…are the Triumph boys actually reuniting or just hanging with you. Put another way…will we get to see them live in concert soon?!?!?

  2. It would be so awesome of TRIUMPH could get back together and put out another record. I love each and every record those guys put out! Extremely underrated band! And their live shows were among the best live shows I ever saw, back in the day. If they would put out something new, or even just do a reunion tour of some sort, I would definitely support it!

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