Back from the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. What a blast! 45 bands, 4 days! Thanks to all the bands, fans and crew. WAY too many stores to tell here, but I will on the radio this weekend. Still very much recovering! Also want to thank the MANY fans I met on the ship from Brazil who tell me how big TMS is there. I appreciate all our viewers from outside the US and if there is an opportunity that makes sense to visit your country I hope to soon. For those that don’t get the show outside the US it is out of my control, but I have heard from some they know ways to see it… Metal fans are resourceful, awesome!


Hung with Nicko McBrain at his ribs restaurant in Coral Springs FL last week. Great time and Nicko is hands on. Really good food and thanks to Nicko for the hospitality. If in the area check out Rock n Roll Ribs.


Back live this Friday on Q104.3 show with a live interview with Rex Brown and the premiere of new music from Deep Purple and Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy). Also M3 tickets. Listen live 11P-2A ET on 104.3 FM in NYC area or online via the free stream at www.q1043.com or with free iheartradio app. Be sure to enter to win the Rex bass on the home page.


Back live this Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation (Hair Nation). Snake from Skid Row guest co-hosts and I will world premiere brand new Skid Row. Plus tons of calls. Always fun with my old pal Snake so don’t miss it. We will cover everything as well as all the stories from the MOR cruise.


New TMS starts shooting in a month in LA. Ticket and guest info to come. Working daily with VH1 on the next chapter of the show’s history which will include new features, set and more! Again, VH1 has final approval on ALL GUESTS who appear. ALL major guests are approached. Appreciate all the requests but it is a process and we do what we can based on who is available when we tape. Ozzy and Kiss will not do the show, so tell them not us if you want to see them on it. Everything else is just timing and availability. Appreciate all the support. New shows start airing early June!

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  1. Bang Tango singer Joe was really busting on Cinderella during their Bang Tango set. But after each cut down he’d say “I’m just kidding, I love those guys”. But he was mad that his band only played in the 2 small lounges while Cinderella basically did a cover band show with other singers and got the prime slot and spot.
    Cinderella did sound good and was a fun set, lots of AC/DC, Rod Stewart and Judas Priest. Dangerous Toys and John Corabi did the best job fronting the band.

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