Hope everyone had a great weekend. More snow here in NJ. Looking forward to this being over soon! More great response to this weeks TMS. Couldn’t not be a blast with my old friends in Anthrax and Alex Skolnick ripped as usual! If you follow me closely you know I have been talking about the effects for hearing loss on some for the last couple months. Clearly that was in effect for me when I heard Randy Rhoads as Rudy Sarzo in this weeks Stump! Made for more ball busting and was fun. The episode and extras can be seen at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com and replays on VH1 Classic all week. We shoot another new episode that will premiere this Saturday tomorrow. Guests will be first timer Dave Lombardo, John 5 (who will also play), Lemmy (via Skype) and our pre recorded interview with Joe Elliott. See it 9P ET this Saturday. Photos and new from the set tomorrow as wee shoot via my Twitter @EddieTrunk and Instagram eddietrunkofficial.

Be sure to see all of my appearances on the home page. Next up for me a solo show in Battle Creek MI! And make sure you check all the show listings and enter to win free tix on this site. Many giveaways if you look closely.

Thanks and welcome to WJJO Madison WI. Our newest affiliate for my FM show. I start there 3/22 and every Sunday at 8PM.

Headed to NYC now. Live SiriusXM show 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) with guest Steven Adler. Join me for music and talk that rocks!

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  1. You gotta be kidding me Ed! You pretended to hear Rudy Sarzo so that woman could get the prize, which also happened to plug Alex’s custom guitar, it was a win win. It was so obvious…lol…you’re telling me that people actually believe that it was your hearing?

    1. I am a far distance from that location. It was not a set up. I can’t act that well! I for whatever reason heard Rudy..

  2. Hey Eddie!

    I’m really diggin’ the new season! As I was watching the Stump The Trunk segment, I immediately thought, “Eddie thinks she said Rudy Sarzo.”

    Not being very familiar with Quiet Riot’s post-Condition Critical releases, I looked to Discogs and Wikipedia to get the scoop on Rudy’s (not Randy’s) time with QR.

    Rudy is pictured on the cover on the the 1979 CBS/Sony Japan LP Quiet Riot II, but he does not play on it.

    Rudy plays on most on their 1983 breakthrough Metal. Guiffria bassist Chuck Wright plays on the title track and “Don’t Wanna Let You Go”

    Rudy plays on all of the 1984 follow-up Condition Critical, but left the band before 1985’s misleadingly titled QRIII.

    The Metal Health lineup reunited for 1999’s Alive And Well and 2001’s Guilty Pleasures, which brings Rudy Sarzo’s Quiet Riot LP appearances to 4.

    Rock On!

  3. I’m not convinced your hearing loss had anything to do with mistaking Randy Rhoads with Rudy Sarzo. After all, somebody had to win Alex’s guitar during the Stump the Trunk segment. However it would be nice if you would say a few words about the effects of tinnitus in a future TMS episode. Remind your viewers to protect their hearing when attending rock concerts.

    1. I have no hearing loss, early stages of it if it’s not watched and protected though. I simply thought I heard Rudy.

    2. Since the lady said Quiet Riot and Rudy was part of the classic line-up and his name begins with an R, I don’t think it’s that far of a stretch that your mind went to Rudy. Also the Randy Rhoads era isn’t that well known.

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