Hope you guys all enjoyed the all new That Metal Show last night. It’s been great to be able to feature such a wide variety of rock, hard rock and metal in the shows evolution. Guys like Mick Jones and Leslie West have so much history it’s hard to even scratch the surface on TV with the time we have. Was cool seeing Marty Friedman geek out over Mick Jones “Hot Blooded” solo! Huge thanks to Leslie West for the amazing guitar. Had no idea that was coming! One day I MUST learn to play! Was also cool to have Lita jam. She is a big part of our shows history as the first ever guest, and now the first ever woman to perform for us. I did talk with Leslie about the loss of his leg and I did talk with Mick about Lou Gramm and the recent performance at the songwriters HOF but it was cut for time. Some will likely end up as online extras. I’ll post links when I can or visit www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com for more. Show replays all week. Next taping is this Tuesday in NYC with Mick Mars! So cool to have the unsung hero of Motley on our show for the hour. Truly underrated player too! Mick will also be in studio with me tomorrow for a LIVE TRUNKNation 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39. Don’t miss it! More soon.


Quick update on the Kiss R&R HOF drama. My sources telling me that as of now, unless Gene and Paul change their mind and decide to play with the original band, there will be no performance of any kind for the bands induction. Common thought was that perhaps an all star band would be assembled to tribute Kiss since there is no performance from them now with any version of the band. But there will be no tribute either. Likely just a video package on the screens. So where we stand now is no performance at all of any kind related to Kiss, or the original band does a song or two in or out of makeup. And we all no as of now that ain’t happening. Still time for things to change but very reliable sources telling me that’s the HOF position as of now. Also each of the four original members get 3 minutes each for their speeches during the induction and only those inducted are at the podium for those speeches.

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  • Mike on

    Gene and Paul need to realize, WE the fans made them rich, We the fans stuck in there when they first broke up. We the fans at our age are the people who can actually afford their concert tickets. This is so disappointing to us.. the fans. Gene always said the fans are the boss..so get to work!
    If you ask me Tommy and Eric are great musicians but with them in the band wearing the makeup Kiss has become a glorified cover band. Ace Peter Gene and Paul ARE Kiss in makeup.
    Next lineup.. Eric (Carr) and Bruce without makeup.

  • Todd on

    Geddy Lee should do the induction. Lot of history there…

  • scott whitaker on

    Mick Mars has always been the V.I.P. in Motley as far as I’m concerned.

  • Chris on

    I think the HOF’s position on this is absurd. Yes, Peter and Ace were the original members, but without the contributions of Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick especially, as well as everyone else who’s been in the band, Kiss wouldn’t be getting into the Hall of Fame. I realize that the original 4 is when Kiss was at its peak, but for the Hall to say they are “only electing the original 4” is a joke and completely disrespectful to all of the great music that Kiss made in the 80’s.

  • Sean m on

    I’m goin to say billy joe Armstrong from green day to induct kiss… Off the wall choice… Also put the egos aside and play 2 to three songs and move on …. Kiss is a joke now… And my lastin memory was the reunion tour when they all got along

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