The end of another crazy week is upon us. I hope everyone is doing their best and staying safe and sane! I’ve had a great week of SiriusXM TrunkNation shows despite limitations in what I can do. I thank all who listen, send emails with ideas and questions, and offer many kind words! Had a blast doing Top 5 debut albums with the listeners. So many I couldn’t get to and my apologies for that. I’ll do another Top 5 next week that I’ll announce on air Monday and on Twitter soon. I also want to thank Chuck Billy of Testament who joined me on Wed. That interview now On Demand. Chuck is battling Corona and we wish him and his wife well! I will podcast it soon. Monday a rebroadcast of my 2017 interview with all 3 members of Triumph! Listen to TrunkNation daily 2-4 and 10-Mid EST on SiriusXM 106 or the SiriusXM app. Hope to be able to bring you live shows again soon!

Please note if you listen to clips of my show posted by fans on YouTube they are often edited and drastically out of context! The only way to actually hear my full show as it was presented and in context is on SiriusXM or the interviews also posted on my podcast. I see/hear TONS of stuff posted on YouTube recorded from my show edited to be taken out of context to further some agenda from the poster.

New podcast up today with Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx. FREE on www.PodcastOne.com , Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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  1. So many great debut albums, impossible to only keep it to 5! So I’ve come up with 5 ties for my top 5!

    5. GN’R – Appetite For Destruction / Alice In Chains – Facelift
    4. The Cars / Aerosmith
    3. Blizzard Of Ozz / KISS
    2. Bad Company / Ted Nugent
    1. Van Halen / Boston

  2. My Styx Top 20 (2020)

    20. Witch Wolf
    19. Shooz
    18. I’m OK
    17. Suite Madame Blue
    16. Queen Of Spades
    15. Havin’ A Ball
    14. Born For Adventure
    13. The Serpent Is Rising
    12. Light Up
    11. The Best Of Times
    10. Come Sail Away
    9. Rock & Roll Feeling
    8. Miss America
    7. Blue Collar Man
    6. The Grand Illusion
    5. Crystal Ball
    4. Midnight Ride
    3. Too Much Time On My Hands
    2. Renegade
    1. Rockin’ The Paradise

    1. Yep, another great song. See that’s the hard part about top 20’s, right after you finish your list, at least several more songs pop into your head that make you rethink – hmm…

    2. Nice Styx list Doug.
      I used to be really into Styx and I guess I still am, although I didn’t much like the Mission to Mars album even though the current iteration of the band is pretty good live. Not the same without Dennis DeYoung and my appreciation for them hasn’t held up as well as for another set of 70’s heartland rockers Kansas, whom i seen opening for Styx on the ’96 Back to Paradise tour. The show I went to had to be rescheduled because John Panozzo had died earlier that day, always thought he was a decent drummer and liked seeing pictures of him behind his drum sets.
      Some good tracks on this list and if made my own, songs I don’t see here like Man of Miracles, Castle Walls, Boat on the River, JY’s commentary on Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential bid- Eddie, Half-Penny-Two-Penny, Mr. Roboto, Heavy Metal Poisoning, and maybe Lorelie and Show Me the Way might make it on, i don’t know.
      Stay well everyone.

    3. Thanks, Rob! Castle Walls almost made my list, as did Heavy Metal Poisoning! JY is righteous! 😉

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