Needless to say it’s been absolutely crazy around the world with the Corona Virus and the massive impact it’s having on the business of live events and touring for bands. Most artists make their living from touring these days, so rough times ahead for many. I’d be lying if I told you how this is all going to go. Over reacting, under reacting, who really knows? Take as many common sense precautions as you can and I truly hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. I also have a very active schedule on the road hosting events and working monthly from LA. That also is all suspended for now. I will continue to do my daily live rock talk show on SiriusXM 106 2-4P EST (replay 10-Mid) and try and provide an escape from all the doom and gloom, but it is obviously impacting rock so it is a talking point there as well. My weekly FM show will continue to be new every week as well and this weekend I welcome a new affiliate in Duluth MN, Sasquatch comes on board 9P Sunday’s! Be safe and stay sane everyone, better times ahead!

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My AXS TV show TrunkFest is re airing most mornings 7:30A EST. Be sure to DVR as I know it’s early, especially Pacific time where it’s a 4:30A airing.

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  1. Yes there certainly is much doom and gloom, but here’s my own little diversion.
    I know that with the last few top twenty lists, there weren’t many posted here but since Judas Priest is Dana’s favorite band I’d thought I would put mine up, my little diversion.
    So here goes-

    20- Metal Meltdown
    19- Turbo Lover
    18- Better by you, Better than Me
    17- Sinner
    16- Hell Bent for Leather
    15- Hellion/Electric Eye
    14- Before the Dawn
    13- Living After Midnight
    12- Nightcrawler
    11-Under Blood Red Skies
    10-Screaming for Vengeance
    9- Freewheel Burning
    8- Victim of Changes
    7- You’ve got Another Thing Coming
    6-Metal Gods
    5- Touch of Evil
    4- Heading out to the Highway, (Love the video for this)
    3- Beyond the Realms of Death
    2- Painkiller
    1- Exciter

    1. Thanks, Rob,

      Great job.

      I could never make a favorite Priest song list, there are far too many songs that I love, and my opinion, is always changing regarding the order.

      D 🙂

  2. Thanks Eddie and Dana for the updates and helping us maintain some sense of sanity. I think we’re just at the beginning of the excitement. Nice List. Rob

    Here’s my Priest favs. 38 to be exact

    Beyond the Realms of Death
    Desert Plains
    Island of Domination
    Traitor’s Gate
    Saints in Hell
    Stained Class
    Diamonds & Rust
    Take on All the World
    Hot Rockin’
    You say Yes
    Turning Circles
    Riding on the Wind
    Pain & Pleasure
    Jaw Breaker
    Out in the Cold
    Lone Wolf
    Ram it Down
    I’m A Rocker
    Between The Hammer and The Anvil
    Metal Meltdown
    Leather Rebel
    Hell patrol
    Judas Rising
    Hell Rider
    Evil Never Dies
    Lightning Strikes

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