Pretty amazing all the online reaction to my latest Top 20 on Kiss. So many chiming in with their lists on Twitter and on the radio, been fun! I’m thinking VH next? Stay tuned for more..

Another week of TrunkNation kicks off tomorrow 2P ET daily on SiriusXM 106 Volume. David Coverdale joins me Tuesday among the guests.

Just confirmed a new appearance in the Dallas area! Join me at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney TX Thursday March 29th at 8P for a speaking, Stump The Trunk, Q&A show! Also every ticket purchased comes with FREE BEER! How can you beat that? Should be a fun one! Tickets at the door or on the link under appearances. www.showclix.com/event/EddieTrunk

Then March 30th I do TrunkNation live from Guitar Sanctuary for a live Free For All Friday with John 5 sitting in! This will be live on SiriusXM 106 Volume from 1-3P Central that day. Come down and be on air! This is free to attend however please note there is no meet & greet or performance. Just the live radio show 1-3P. John 5 performs that night at Trees. Two great events in the Dallas area, hope to see you!

Starting up production on my new TV series for AXS TV on music festivals next weekend in Mexico! Air dates coming soon..

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    I listened to some bootlegs of Kiss from ’77 and ’79, and the thing is, Alive II sounds like Peter; the 16th notes on the hi hat in “Larger Than Life,” the closed/open hi hat where he goes from 8th to 16th notes in the verses in “Rocket Ride.” The fills; he was doing those flams back on Hotter Than Hell. So, either they told Fig to sound like Peter, or it’s Peter. There is nothing on those live tracks that he didn’t do on the bootlegs I heard, and that fill at the end of “Rocket Ride” is straight up Krupa. I know Ed knows Peter, maybe he can get Pete on the horn to clear this up, and/or get a hold of Anton. Or, my previous suggestion, Corky.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Well, I actually got some closure here because I found some footage of Ace playing “Rocket Ride” with Anton and he played it pretty much just like he did on the record. I.e., he finessed the crap out of that thing. It’s him.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    The level of disrespect Ace and Peter showed the Kiss franchise by not playing on a record that has the words “Kiss” and “Alive” on it is beyond comprehension. Here we were as little kids thinking they were this unified force when it was the exact opposite. On the other hand, Paul’s and Gene’s passive aggression had to play some part. But, they should’ve sucked it up and played on the damn record. My history with this record is so entrenched and that’s all gone now. I can’t even listen to them anymore, to me they are just a bunch of guys who lie to impressionable little kids to keep them buying their records. They had no problem whatsoever sticking Ace’s face on Creatures to get this 15 year old to part with my hard earned money. At least I wasn’t dumb enough to get any tattoos or any other stupid spending. The aggregate pain this band has caused me over my lifetime now outweighs the good. Johnny Carson was right about Kiss.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Gene is now working with a drug dealer in Canada!

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