Episode 2 of TMS is in the books. The Anthrax guys have been friends for 30 years, so to say this will be a relaxed hang “interview” would be an understatement! Frank, Charlie and Scott were on set and Joey checked in from LA via Skype where he was doing his vocals for the new album. Alex Skolnick ripped on guitar as usual! You will see it all this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P ET. And thanks to all who watched our debut with Geddy Lee! Had some stellar ratings by the channels standards. Good to know the TMS faithful are still out there!

My podcast posting tomorrow is with former Ozzy/DLR guitarist Joe Holmes. Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Going to see the Aerosmith concert film on the big screen tomorrow here in NJ. Info on this site. It’s playing around the country one night only.

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  1. A quick question from last week’s TMS. When John Petrucci made the comment that he really wanted to break into a Rush song, you immediately reacted to not do it because of the problems it would cause with copyright issues. Not understanding the business side of this, can you explain what you were referring to with this. Even with the writer of the Rush songs sitting there, would that have been a problem?

  2. Eddie was referring to publishing fees if you do an original song the network would have to pay fees to the artist and that apparently would cost the network money.

    1. I understand this, but what if the artist himself plays the song? Most of what John Petrucci played during the show were parts from either Dream Theater songs or from his solo album. If it’s the original artist playing them, does that circumvent the publishing fee?

    2. I wondered the same thing, and also wondered, what kind of money are we talking here. Would it cost $50 to do a snippet of the song, $500? $5000?

  3. This Saturday night will be great! First, I’m really looking forward to Rock Icons with The Metal God himself! That show is awesome! I really enjoyed the Geddy Lee Rock Icons, I just wished it was an hour long instead of thirty minutes. Then TMS afterwards will be great. Total Anthrax show! I checked out the after show footage today of last week’s show and I think it’s a great idea to have that bonus footage made available. Oh yeah! Can’t wait for Saturday night! Rock Icons, TMS, me and some ice cold Saint Arnold Spring Bock (a great limited run seasonal beer from a great Texas brewery).

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