Headed to SiriusXM shortly. Join me live tonight 6-10P ET / 3-7 Pacific for Music & Talk That Rocks! Adrenaline Mob in studio, Wendy Dio calls in to discuss the new Dio tribute and I’ll premiere a song from it, and of course tons of calls about the Kiss stuff or anything else. Join me on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) tonight LIVE! We will get into it all!

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  • Johnny on

    Awesome, can’t wait man, I’m one of those “My Monday is booked around Eddie…period” guys, and have been since day 1 on Sirius…THE best part of the work week…even if there’s no work!

  • Frank Ormstead on

    The enemy for so many years, the evil corrupt people at the Rock n roll hall of fame must be laughing their butts off.

  • Mark Ellis on

    After following all the drama about KISS and the Hall, I couldn’t help but remember this live clip from Manowar, three drummers and three lead guitars (with epic solos). Here the Hail and Kill crew show KISS what might have been: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C6E6U-mXIA

  • Larry W on

    Eddie, I’m curious to hear what you think is the biggest reason the original 4 won’t play together. I think it’s got to be the books that were written by Ace and Peter. Peter’s especially was a major hatchet job on Gene and Paul. Ace’s wasn’t as bad but wasn’t exactly flattering. Seems like Paul is the most offended. Can’t imagine that these guys, especially Peter didn’t know they were burning their bridges with their autobiographies.

    • Chris J. Saari on

      Ace and Peter’s Books Larry? Have you read the Books or seen the interviews with Gene and Paul?
      How They go on and on and on About Ace and Peter’s Drug use and Boozing! As far As I know Ace is Drug Free and Booze free and So is Peter. Gene and Paul may have been and continue to be Drug and Booze free, but They had and may still have Addictions that were just as bad! All those Books just touch on Some stuff; They more or less make the Author into the Good Guy and the others into the Bad Guys. I’m sure if Gene and Paul didn’t Warn Ace and Peter about legal action Their books would have been Way More Dirty!
      Look at Lydia Criss’ Book! It doesn’t Paint a rosy picture of Peter but it doesn’t condemn him either ; it’s about her and her life. When Gene and Paul got wind of it they told Lydia that They have Lawyers on Retainer.

    • Larry Warshaw on

      Yes I read the books smart guy. Went to the signings. Not sure what your point is but if you think the books had nothing to do with the bad blood right now you’re nuts. If they had no impact then why does Paul have one coming out now after he said he had no interest in writing one a few years ago.

    • Chris J. Saari on

      What I’m saying is that there’s always been bad blood between Ace and Peter vs. Gene and Paul. Paul’s book will no doubt show His version of what being in kiss is about. Paul also said that the Farewell tour was the End of Kiss and then decided he still wanted Kiss to continue, So what is said…. often is Not what is done. I’m saying those books are tame versus what could have been written and what was said about Gene and Paul is Nothing compared to what was said about Ace and Peter. Even without the Books their was a lot of bad blood because of the he said/she said over the years for the guys to be pissed at each other.
      PS. I’m Not a Smart Guy; Just a 45 year old fan of Kiss that’s heard Both Good and Bad about the members of the band.

    • Brian B on

      The difference is, Gene and Paul have a career without Ace and Peter ……

  • XTiN@ on

    I do <3 listenin' to Eddie every Mondays and Fridays!! But, on his SiriusXM show earlier, he was just gettin' a wee too bitchy about KISS not performing at the RnR HOF and not having the "original" band as a whole. I know we get disappointed once in a while and we don't usually end up having things our way, but we can't just be showing 200% of vexation to everybody and the whole world!

    • Eddie on

      Exactly what show were you listening to? My show yesterday was 90 minutes of calls from LISTENERS.

    • Jim on

      The fact that so many people have opinions on this site and many others is amazing, KISS is loving it even the negative stuff. I still believe Paul’s insecure nature is part of the issue with the original members and the books/refusal to do documentary. Paul’s power trip is in full gear. he wants everyone to know that This incarnation of KISS is the best and he is steering the ship. The HOF though has a point only the four originals were real members. partners the rest were contract employees only. IMO the current KISS may be tight but have no soul or musical creativity. Very vanilla and forgettable.

    • Dan on

      You don’t watch sports or the news, do you? Otherwise, you’d see this as rather MILD compared to the news cycle elsewhere.

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