Here is the statement from Kiss now on the HOF. Now nobody plays is basically what they are saying..



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  • Ron on

    Honestly why cant Paul and Gene see the facts? If they would just take off the makeup, Eric and Tommy would get so much more respect from the fans. Dont get me wrong, to me KISS will ALWAYS be Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace. I dont care how messed up Peter and Ace were taking and drinking whatever they did, those 4 were and always will be the best KISS lineup. But then look at the non-makeup years and the lineup with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Eric and Bruce got respect from the fans. Why is that Gene and Paul? Because Eric and Bruce weren’t in Ace and Peter’s makeup. But we all know the reason why Paul and Gene tour with the makeup on, it’s because they know they’d never draw new fans without wearing it. I forgot which DVD it was KISS released but there was a little piece with Bruce Kulick where he was asked how he felt about missing out on the KISS makeup era. Bruce’s reply was that he could have worn dog makeup and be the dog of the band, he didn’t care. The makeup era is the history of the band in the past and it should be left alone. Then after his little piece, it went right into the video for Rise To It. But being a KISS fan since 1976 when I first listened to Detroit Rock City and thinking to myself, “WOW, what a great song!”, you can see that it is all about the $$$$ now with KISS and not about the fans. It’s like being a fan of the NY Mets. How can you support the team knowing that the owners only care about how much money they make and not putting a winning team on the field? Paul and Gene care more about if the concert in NY or NJ sells out then if the fans are loving their latest CD.

    • Bill on

      Those aren’t “facts”. That is your opinion. Personally, even though the first six albums are BY FAR my favorite, I felt at the end of the makeup reunion that Ace and especially Peter were holding the organization hostage. The Gene/Paul/Tommy/Eric version was by FAR the better live band after the first go round when the energy was fresh and before the egos resumed their hold on the individual members. Remember Australia? If Peter was the best choice for drummer, they would’ve paid him, and I for one respect them more for putting on a definitive, iconic live show rather than pander to convention and put on a sub-par show (with, as I suspect but can’t prove, back-up drummers behind the curtain).

  • Marty Connelly on

    I can’t believe that now we are actually looking at the possibility of the original band not even appearing together at the Hall of Fame induction. I’m sure that Ace and Peter aren’t very excited about attending with Paul and Gene considering this last development. I stated in an earlier e-mail that I really had no problem with Kulick, Carr, Vincent, St. John, Thayer and Singer being recognized at the induction. Actually, if Paul and Gene wanted to they could recognize those guys in their speech. Even they have to realize the original band is what got the KISS machine going in the first place. I am so disappointed that the fans that have supported them for so long and have tried so hard to get them inducted into the Hall now have to deal with this. Nice job taking what could have been a great moment for the older fan base and flushing it down the toilet!

  • Paul on

    Was Ace loaded in the interview you did when he called from Vegas? Maybe that’s why Gene and Paul don’t want to play with him.

    • Eddie on

      He has been sober for over 7 years.. No, not loaded at all. That is Ace and how he sounds always

    • Jim on

      I know people who partied to much and that sound never goes away they always sound stoned. I think a bit of the brain is gone. I would think it all catches up with Ace eventually so he needs to make piece with what he can and move on not let this or anything else take away from his life. if Paul and Gene want to be jerks he needs to focus on the good parts of his life because who knows how long he may or may not have.

  • Eldon Glen Butt on

    It seems the “who will play/who won’t play” fiasco worked Gene and Paul out of quite a (excuse the pun) jam. Now by taking the we won’t play route, it helps them save face.

  • Dfdecker on

    The army has stood by this band for 40 years with every version and personnel change. They marched on Cleveland and wrote letters and this is the thanks they get. It doesn’t matter Mr. Stanley that the RRHoF has broken rules before and it doesn’t matter how many. This is about a band and it’s fans. If you can’t swallow your pride and play one more time (Gene, Peter,Paul and Ace) and if the other two can’t either then I am ashamed at all four of you. All of you are in your 60’s you are not 25. You are not nice people at all – you are the vile narcissists we didn’t want to admit to. Sad on so many levels.

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