Here is the statement from Kiss now on the HOF. Now nobody plays is basically what they are saying..



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  • Bill on

    Frankly, I think most of the “fans” are being selfish and unfair. Sure, the makeup era was iconic (I was there, then, and if you weren’t you have no idea how big Kiss really was). They wouldn’t be wearing it now if it wasn’t. But I think you have to look at it at least in part from Paul and Gene’s perspective: this was their baby. And at the height of their powers, two guys decided to choose alcohol and drugs and the egomania of stardom over the “good of the band”. You reap what you sow. At a time when Gene and Paul both had no reason to believe their creation would survive, guys like Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer came along and helped them overcome. This is far more about the RnRHoF and their continued disrespect for hard rock and heavy metal than it is about Kiss, or Paul or Gene. Why is no one else outraged that the E Street Band is getting their OWN INDUCTION separate and apart from Bruce, and they are not willing to honor the memory of Eric Carr (especially) in this event? The argument is that this is “Gene/Paul” versus “Ace/Peter”, but it’s not like this is an even playing field. Peter especially, when has he EVER put the good of the band over his own needs and desires? And now it is “despicable” (in Peter’s statement) that Gene and Paul are doing exactly that?

  • el duce on

    This is worse than the van Halen and guns n roses induction combined. Just when I thought gene and Paul couldn’t possibly be any douchier they pull this crap. Fans are paying a crap load of dollars just to watch gene and Paul give some crappy speech and walk off???? They constantly claim they do everything for the fans and give them their money’s worth. So what do they call this????? Funny how as soon as kiss fans uproared over this crap, they decided to not play at all. This is nothing but a rip off and a sham. Gene and paul are more concerned with the la kiss football team than they are about kiss fans right now. I will just ignore kiss from now on. I can’t wait till aces album comes out. Gene and paul can F off.

  • Mopeder on

    If the 4 original members did come to the show and wear make-up (that would be cool for the fans). I do not think Tommy and Eric would feel slighted nor should they feel that way. They know Ace and Peter are the original Spaceman and Catman. Gene and Paul need to get over their egos and animosities and let all the members enjoy the honors they deserve.

  • Sean m on

    Have to say, the 80s and ESP now the band should not b kiss its the Paul and gene experience band… Saw the kiss show from t he las kings… Stanley is toast, the two r. Afraid ace and pe tea will show them up…. Peter and ace helped gene and Paul make money on the reunion for… Three songs p and g, u selfish scyms can’t do that? Ace and Peter tried , they tried withs pscho circus… U diss them , the farewell, u diss them… 96:97 is the kiss I saw and kne w all 4 getting along

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