Had Steven Adler on my radio show this afternoon for the first time since he’s been able to go on the record about his recent appearances with GnR. As always Steven was open, honest, passionate and outspoken about his recent (very brief)  reunion with the band. You gotta love Adler. In a day and age when everyone is so PC, so guarded, so careful about every word they say and have a million handlers, Adler just speaks like a fan. I love people like that and it makes for great radio. If you missed this conversation be sure to catch it replay tonight 9-11P ET (Adler interview will be at 10P ET) on SiriusXM channel 106 Volume. Starting tomorrow it will be On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Then eventually on my podcast. Great, and funny, stuff!

Tomorrow on Trunk Nation my guests will be Michael Schenker, and the man behind the Dio hologram Jeff Pezzuti. Live 2-4P ET 106.

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  1. Eddie
    great interview with Steven the guy has a heart the size of Texas. I believe his problems are stroke related not drug related. My wife had a stroke and it affects your memory in varying degrees. The fact that he didn’t remember that he played Out Ta Get me even though he could play it spot on in his sleep. He didn’t remember Brian Johnson’s name even though like the rest of us he’s been listening to Back In Black since 1980. And I really believe he thought Bon sang on a demo of Back in Black even though Brian wrote the lyrics. Having him in the band full time might be risky on a large scale stadium tour. I wish him nothing but the best he is a great drummer, a great guy and a ROCK STAR!

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