Exclusive new late tonight. Ace Frehley called into my radio show live tonight and confirmed that he and Peter are being denied the opportunity to perform at the R&R Hall Of Fame ceremony by Gene and Paul, who will perform instead with the current band. Ace said (and the HOF confirmed to me directly) that the HOF wants the original band. However Gene and Paul to date have declined to allow this to happen. Ace said it was important he let the fans know exactly what was happening since tickets are about to go on sale to the public and he didn’t want fans to purchase them expecting a reunion performance even for a song or two. Ace said he is undecided if he will even attend in light of this decision. Even though the HOF would prefer the original band, they will not stand in the way of the current band playing if that is all Gene and Paul are willing to do. Assume anything is possible that something could change, but at this time there are no plans at all for Ace and Peter to play, or perhaps even be there depending what they decide. As I have said consistently when there was news to share I would let it come directly from a member, and tonight Ace let everyone know exactly what was going on. Said he was most upset for the fans who voted them in and were hoping to see a song or two, but also said it is now time to move on. He is working on a new album and said the stress was really killing him about the HOF and he needed to let fans know what was up before tickets went on sale. Peter will likely have a similar statement on his site tomorrow. I’ll continue to keep you posted as more info develops but that’s where things are at now. I’m sure the audio will be on YouTube of Ace’s call but you can hear the entire show next weekend as usual on all affiliate stations and online outlets as well. Sad day for long time Kiss fans but at least we know where things stand as of now. The producer/director for the HOF show Joel Gallen expressed an interest in coming on the air soon. As usual my door is open to any and all to discuss. More soon.

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  • Auzzie on

    Disgusting, but COMPLETELY EXPECTED and predictable. I’m going to openly express my opinion, which I believe is based upon 99.9% fact:

    I have, like many on here, been a Kiss fan and follower for MANY years, even done TONS of their material in various cover bands. That being said, here’s MY take on this. It seems Gene and Paul are just being their typical douchebag selves, being power and money hungry as they’ve always been. I’m sure they’ll try justifying this by saying it wouldn’t be fair to Tommy and Eric by having Ace and Peter play, as well as dragging them further through the dirt, likely claiming they’d be showing up drunk and high, or some other bogus nonsense. Did Ace and Peter fuck up at times in the band – yes. Did they deserve to get booted – more than likely. Are the current “replacement” players in Kiss “better” players – without a doubt. Were Peter and Ace “intermediate” players at best – absolutely. Should they still be allowed to play the HOF ceremony as the original members of Kiss – YES!

    The fact is, fuck ups or not, inferior players or not, there is a LONG history with these players, and are original members of a band that had a huge influence on music today. Tommy and Eric were no part of it, so they deserve to be present and even play as well, but should definitely have to take a back seat to Ace and Peter. I also think even with all the drug/alcohol and possibly mental issues Peter and Ace may have or had, they STILL deserve their due, AND are more classy individuals than Gene and Paul put together.

    Oh, just for the record as well, neither Gene nor Paul have any real musical talent on their instruments either, and are pretty limited vocally as well, although both very unique in their own rights. The whole thing about Kiss was the magical combination of 4 guys that just worked. Mediocre musicians and vocalists that found a way to collectively be great. THAT’S the REAL reason anything other than the original 4 would just be a complete fucking joke! My 2 cents worth……..

    • Mopeder on

      If the 4 original members do come to the show and wear the make-up that should be fine (it would be cool for the fans). I do not think Eric and Tommy would feel slighted nor should they feel that way. They know Ace and Peter are the original Spaceman and Catman. Gene and Paul need to get over their egos and animosities of the past and let all the members enjoy the honors they deserve.

    • Cali on

      100% agreement. Peter, Ace, Gene and Paul and their rough Brooklyn sound IS KISS. Gene’s not a great musician either. Never has been, never will be and he admits it. It was there persistent drive, hard, hard work and the desire of all four to be ‘famous rock stars’.

      Something that singers and bands today severely lack.

    • Mopeder on

      If the 4 original members did come to the show and wear make-up (that would be cool for the fans). I do not think Tommy and Eric would feel slighted nor should they feel that way. They know Ace and Peter are the original Spaceman and Catman. Gene and Paul need to get over their egos and animosities and let all the members enjoy the honors they deserve.

  • Mopeder on

    What about Bruce Kulick? It seems he has been forgotten about in all of this. They had some big hits when he was in the band. He should be invited.

  • Mopeder on

    It’s not the individual members that are being inducted, it is the band name KISS that is. The name of the band isn’t Gene, Ace, Paul, or Peter, etc, the name is KISS. It’s about the music and whole history of the band.

    • Cali on

      It is only the original four being invited and inducted.

    • Mopeder on

      I realize that now that it just the original 4. I did not know about the criteria they used for induction. Excuse my ignorance.

  • Mopeder on

    Here is my suggestion. Maybe I am wasting my time (but here goes).

    Invite all members of KISS (past and present) and do the show without make-up. If they do any songs have just the 4 original members, or have all the members participate. Please, no unplugged set (that has already been done), just electric. The fans will be happy and all the members will be satisfied. KISS is not about the make-up. It is about the music they have made over the decades. Then after the show is over, KISS goes on as they are currently. It will just be another great night of KISStory. I’m sure that everything can be worked out if they put all the past disagreements behind them and try to be amicable.

  • sergio felix on

    Gene and Paul have made a great decision. I understand everyone is emotional about Ace and Peter. But, KISS has moved on from that line-up years ago and other newer members have added to KISS’ s success. This decision will not be accepted by all but let’s just be excited that KISS is going to be inducted and celebrate with KISS and their achievements.

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