JUST IN: Ace Frehley will be calling my radio show live tonight to make a statement on the R&R Hall Of Fame! Ace told me he needs 5 minutes to update everyone on what is going on with the induction. Ace is expected to call in during the last hour of the show. Don’t miss this exclusive news tonight live on my Q104.3 NYC show. You can listen in the NYC tri-state area on 104.3 FM, outside of NYC listen to the free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app. Just dial up Q104.3/NY/Classic Rock. The show is live from 11P-2A ET tonight!

Also tonight Adrenaline Mob live in studio and world premiere of a new song from the Dio tribute. Motorhead and Biff from Saxon doing Starstruck!

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  1. The HOF is honoring the ORIGINAL members! THAT’S IT! No matter what band is inducted they induct the members that are eligible. Regardless of what lineup plays at the ceremony! In this case, it is Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter being inducted. It would be sad if Ace & Peter let Gene & Paul diminish that by not showing up! All four deserve to stand on that stage & accept the honor of the impact they made 40 years ago! If Paul & Gene won’t give their fans a one night only reunion of the four of them w/o makeup but, just jamming out on a few classic KISS songs then they are just turning MORE fans against them because I wouldn’t want to see a FORCED reunion anyhow! If they insist on playing in makeup with a couple of imposters then I hope they get drowned out with BOOS! Then while they are crying in their makeup chairs backstage, Ace & Peter can come out at the end & jam with Dave Grohl & any other musicians that would be HONORED to play with them. Just like Eddie’s Anniversary Party! NOW that I would LOVE to see!

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