JUST IN: Ace Frehley will be calling my radio show live tonight to make a statement on the R&R Hall Of Fame! Ace told me he needs 5 minutes to update everyone on what is going on with the induction. Ace is expected to call in during the last hour of the show. Don’t miss this exclusive news tonight live on my Q104.3 NYC show. You can listen in the NYC tri-state area on 104.3 FM, outside of NYC listen to the free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app. Just dial up Q104.3/NY/Classic Rock. The show is live from 11P-2A ET tonight!

Also tonight Adrenaline Mob live in studio and world premiere of a new song from the Dio tribute. Motorhead and Biff from Saxon doing Starstruck!

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  • Anthony H on

    Thank God I didn’t buy seats on StubHub earlier before hearing Ace’s news. Since I couldn’t get a seat on the first presale, I went to the broker sites but did not buy anything yet, but was nervous about them going up if there was going to be the mini reunion. Now there’s a good chance that the ticket prices will go down, and people who have them already might start dumping them. This is an extremely poor decision by Gene and Paul and it could very well blow up in their face if the crowd turns on them.

  • Chris on

    I grew up Hearing this guy Named Paul Stanley say on Kiss alive “stand up for what you believe In ” when I was a kid and that suck with me my Hole life… So Today Is that Last day I want to Here anything about Kiss without ACE & Peter 1973 to 2000. Just for One Day Gene & Paul can’t Get it Right so sad, I use to stick up for them in the 70’s when my friend’s would say they sucked and get pick on for like them in the 80’s but now Gene & Paul Have me Hating them . I wish can be there at the R-n-R HOF show so i can throw shit at them while their up there Playing with the” fake KISS guy’s” that had nothing to due with them making it BIG and I mean Nothing AT ALL you ASSHOLE’S Paul & Gene… : ( I hope you have a lot of New FANS LIKE you say you do ,,,,,,your Going to need them !!!!

  • wayne van essen on

    Very dissapointed in Gene & Paul hope the crowd boos them out of the building for doing this to Ace & Peter

  • Rich J on

    Disappointing. Last year I was so happy that I voted for and saw Rush get the loudest standing ovation. This year I voted for KISS for one reason only. The original lineup. I hope the get a quiet applause with no one standing. Very sad. Love your show Eddie and have followed you for many years. Rock On!

  • Ivan on

    Predictable. Sad. And it will be very ugly that night.
    I’ve noticed that there are a few promotions running on the radio now with the grand prize being a trip to the R&R HOF ceremony. And, you know it the ramp up, highlight of the ad is … KISS! And what songs do they feature in the ad? Songs from the classic lineup. Nothing from Sonic Boom or Monster. Hmmm …
    Kinda wish Bill Aucoin was here to call them all on this BS.

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