Hope everyone is having a good week. Watched The Grammy’s last night on my DVR. Got through 3 hours in about 20 minutes in search of rock. I know this is a massive mainstream music show but rock and metal have been badly represented for over 25 years. Ever since they gave Tull a Grammy over Metallica they really are still lost. The nominations are so random and often make no sense at all. Don’t know much about Alabama Shakes and I’m sure they are a fine band, but the clip they played when they won didn’t sound very rock. Ghost won for metal. Of course this wasn’t dare televised! I’m sure they loved their costumes so said “let’s go with that”. If you honestly think they sat and listened to Ghost I have a bridge to sell you. That being the case in my opinion with every winner in this category (Motorhead for a Metallica cover? Priest for a live versionย  of a 40 year old song?). It is just a mess. But they don’t care and have to give them out so they just go with whatever. Or so it seems. The Eagles tribute to Glen Frey was nice, even though Jackson Browne struggled trying to sing that song some. Lady Gaga doing Bowie was rough. Could they maybe have had a ROCK artist tribute a ROCK icon?! And please stop with the “Lady Gaga is a rocker” bit. I know, she goes to metal shows sometimes. But if that was really in her blood she’d be playing it. And she is playing the furthest thing from it! Nice job by Grohl recognizing Lemmy, AND Phil Taylor, but for the love of God can TV producers PLEASE understand there are other rock artists out there that can speak? I like Dave and I am a fan and appreciate what he does for rock. But it is insane how EVERY show runs to him as the token rock guy! Hollywood Vampires certainly came the closest to the spirit of real rock music. Obviously the Grammy’s having Johnny Depp in a band I’m sure would allow him to write his own ticket. Kudos to them for saluting Lemmy with some of the time they had, because it’s probably the only reason it happened. Major fail not including Jimmy Bain in the obits. That’s my take, feel free to post yours in comments.

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  • Charles Clinchot on

    Only watched Grammys to see Lemmy and Glen Frey tribute
    I did like the backdrop of Lemmy pointing to the crowd during ace of spades
    Like say your all clueless assholes
    Agree with the fail of Jimmy Bain and Also the Toto bassist
    I rather be a fan of metal than mindless drivle

  • D. Comiskey on

    Eddie, I could NOT agree more. I don’t even watch the show anymore. It just makes me very angry. And your comments about Growl are SO spot on. Enough already. Jesus…

  • Kenneth Stratemeyer on


    How did you sit through that celebration of mediocrity?

    Sad to say, but if not the Dave Grohl pushing for it, I doubt they would’ve even acknowledged Lemmy.

    I agree on your take on Lady Gaga. Here’s a scary thought. She was considered as a possible vocalist for the touring version of Queen before they went with Adam Lambert. Now, THAT would be a true American Horror Story.

    And, haven’t people had enough of Taylor Swift and Adele yet? I quit it, Adele can sing, and she’s not a pop tart, but she’s got no songs.

  • MetalMania on

    I care so little for the Grammy’s I didn’t even know it happened until Tuesday! I kept hoping it would mean something to me and the rock/metal bands I love for a few years after the Metallica/Jethro Tull debacle (and no disrespect to Tull of course, it was just the ridiculous miscategorization of the whole thing), but I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. I haven’t watched it in decades. Maybe they deserve some credit for even having rock and metal categories, but look around – mainstream media today is utterly dominated by rap, hip-hop, and “pop” (whatever that actually IS), with apparently country sliding in to do NFL pre-game jingles. I’m amazed though that metal is too taboo for the mainstream, yet the “gangsta” rapper image is everywhere, like that’s what the American ideal has become and what everybody thinks that’s what we’re all into. So, I pretty much ignore the Grammys, RRHOF, etc. and just keep supporting rock and metal and not giving a damn about the rest of it. Frankly I’m surprised any mention of Lemmy at all made it onto the broadcast. Did Kanye West have ANOTHER meltdown? I’d love to see him throw a fit while Metallica was receiving an award, I can see James Hetfield knocking his lights out in front of a nationwide TV audience.

  • Dana on

    Hi All,

    I would like to shed some light on the Grammy’s, since I know someone who is a voting member.

    Yes, when it comes to hard rock/heavy metal category, there is no arguing they are clueless. However, many of the members of these bands not only fail to submit their music for consideration, but many don’t vote. Therefore, what can one expect? Unless the musicians themselves make a diligent effort to participate in the whole process of submitting their work and voting, the hard rock/heavy metal category will only continue to get worse.

    It is one thing to complain when everything is done by the letter, and the organization is either biased, (like the RNRHOF) or simply uneducated. However, it is another matter when the musicians themselves fail to actively participate in the process. Consequently, solely blaming NARAS for why that category is grossly overlooked, is being short sighted.

    I have been informed that the only classic bands who have diligently submitted their material over the years are Judas Priest, Anthrax and Iron Maiden, that is all folks. That is why many bands who don’t deserve to be even be nominated in the category appear on the ballot.

    If you want to see change, action needs to be taken by the musicians.

    All my best,
    D ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Charles Clinchot on

      To be honest Dana even if things do improve as u suggest I’d still DVR the Grammys just to avoid Justen Beiber and his ilk

    • Dana on

      I cannot say I blame you, the majority of the musical guests are foul.

      Welcome to the world of music in 2016 where it seems only four genres of music exist: Gangsta rap, disposable Pop music, EDM and Country.

    • Kenneth Stratemeyer on

      EDM makes disco sound like Black Sabbath. It might be the worst thing that ever happened to music.

      EDM = Extremely Douchey Music.

    • Dana on

      LOL!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      D ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MetalMania on

      Thanks for the insight Dana, I was not aware that the artists themselves had to submit their work for consideration to the Grammy’s, or that they had a vote in the process. I thought it was another “panel of experts” like the RRHOF. Well, I guess in a sense maybe it still is but if they’re not working with a full set of options for the category then we can’t fully “blame” them for the results.

    • Dana on

      You are very welcome, MetalMania.

      D ๐Ÿ™‚

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