Hope everyone is having a good week. Watched The Grammy’s last night on my DVR. Got through 3 hours in about 20 minutes in search of rock. I know this is a massive mainstream music show but rock and metal have been badly represented for over 25 years. Ever since they gave Tull a Grammy over Metallica they really are still lost. The nominations are so random and often make no sense at all. Don’t know much about Alabama Shakes and I’m sure they are a fine band, but the clip they played when they won didn’t sound very rock. Ghost won for metal. Of course this wasn’t dare televised! I’m sure they loved their costumes so said “let’s go with that”. If you honestly think they sat and listened to Ghost I have a bridge to sell you. That being the case in my opinion with every winner in this category (Motorhead for a Metallica cover? Priest for a live version  of a 40 year old song?). It is just a mess. But they don’t care and have to give them out so they just go with whatever. Or so it seems. The Eagles tribute to Glen Frey was nice, even though Jackson Browne struggled trying to sing that song some. Lady Gaga doing Bowie was rough. Could they maybe have had a ROCK artist tribute a ROCK icon?! And please stop with the “Lady Gaga is a rocker” bit. I know, she goes to metal shows sometimes. But if that was really in her blood she’d be playing it. And she is playing the furthest thing from it! Nice job by Grohl recognizing Lemmy, AND Phil Taylor, but for the love of God can TV producers PLEASE understand there are other rock artists out there that can speak? I like Dave and I am a fan and appreciate what he does for rock. But it is insane how EVERY show runs to him as the token rock guy! Hollywood Vampires certainly came the closest to the spirit of real rock music. Obviously the Grammy’s having Johnny Depp in a band I’m sure would allow him to write his own ticket. Kudos to them for saluting Lemmy with some of the time they had, because it’s probably the only reason it happened. Major fail not including Jimmy Bain in the obits. That’s my take, feel free to post yours in comments.

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  1. I still think there should be a Grammy called “I’m sorry I’m not Madonna or the BeeGees”, which Eddie Trunk could present to the most iconic rock band to be snubbed by the Rock N Roll HOF. It could create a little interplay between the two institutions and help rectify some injustices. Actually, if it weren’t for people in Rock and Metal complaining about the Grammy’s I might not have noticed that I missed the show again.

  2. A lot of comments here from people who supposedly don’t care about the Grammys. I enjoyed some of the performances this year, though not as many as last year. I’ve never listened to Taylor Swift of my own accord, and don’t have any of her music, but I thought her opening number was great. She sang and presented herself well. Although her music is obviously completely different from AC/DC, she got the whole arena going, much like AC/DC’s fantastic opening performance (and great representation of hard rock) from last year.

    Favourite number was the B.B. King tribute. Eddie, I think Bowie transcended the Rock genre, and therefore does not necessarily need to be represented by a pure rock artist. I think Gaga has tons of talent, almost everything I’ve seen her do on TV has impressed me, but I didn’t like this one as much because it was more of an impersonation or revue than an artistic interpretation.

    Respectfully disagree about Adele, Dana. I admit some of her songs do sound the same, but her best ones (in my opinion) don’t, like “Fire to the Rain”, or “He Won’t Go”, and “When We Were Young.” I don’t care what genre, all great songs.

    Hard rock and Metal are meant to be expressions of badass, outlaw culture. As such, it shouldn’t be expected that an event by the Establishment like the Grammys would wholeheartedly represent them. I mean, I love Maiden. They’re one of the biggest bands in the world now, Piece of Mind changed my life and they are still making some great music, but if you name your band after a medieval torture device or call your band Megadeth you’re not going to a mixed-company event like the Grammys. Period. If you’re having a party at your house, let’s say a family event with people of wide ranging ages and interests, are you going to put Maiden on the stereo? I doubt it.

    And the “Hollywood Vampires” didn’t represent hard rock/ Metal well. Alice Cooper is known for theatricality and once upon a time (back when Alice Cooper was a BAND), he wrote good songs. But that’s not what he brought to the Grammys, and he can’t sing worth a damn. The original song they did was a nothing song. The only theatrical features he brought were the tired old black eye makeup schtick and that cane thingy he uses. Unlike AC/DC’s performance from last year which drew in almost everyone, the Hollywood Vampire’s self indulgence probably just tested people’s tolerance until it was over. It sure as hell tested mine.

    No disrespect to Lemmy, but there was no need for a musical tribute to him at the Grammys, except in the in Memoriam reel. I don’t believe the performance of Ace of Spades they did won anybody over, and from everything I’ve heard about Lemmy, I don’t imagine he gave a crap about the Grammys. He didn’t give them any thought, and he sure as hell didn’t go posting complaints on websites about them. Grohl’s few words about Lemmy told people a lot more about him than the song did.

    1. That is fine Waverider, you are entitled to your opinion. Also, you expressed it in a very respectful way, which is always appreciated.

      Even though we don’t agree about Adele’s songs, at least we can all agree, she has talent and a beautiful, strong voice. As I said before, I think she could sing any genre of music, like Clarkson and Underwood, and do it VERY well.

      D 🙂

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