After feeling like hell the last couple weeks finally went to the Dr today to see what was up. Some sinus infection so he gave me the ole Z Pack to knock it out. He also told me a new study pretty much says almost all vitamins (including C for cold season) are a waste of money! Can we all get our money back? I swear it is impossible to do the right thing it seems! Regardless I will be back live tonight on Q104.3 NYC 11P-2A ET. Join me for music, talk, news and more, plus lot’s of giveaways. Listen at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app outside NYC area.


Interesting interview just posted in this sites news section with Paul Stanley on the HOF. I must say he makes many valid points about the Hall in general and I give him credit for speaking out that forcefully on the eve of his own induction. This is one instance where I agree with Paul. Kiss was snubbed for 15 years. This is something I’m sure the HOF (and I know some of their voters) still wish was not happening. Us fans feel this is important, but it is truly a joke if you look at the process and the rules as I have been saying for years. But if they are showing up, and it is only the original lineup (which it is being inducted), let’s hope it is done with the proper respect to that band. I am NOT looking for any original Kiss reunion, but I think MOST fans would agree it’s not asking for too much for a song or two one last time with Ace, Peter, Gene & Paul. We shall see soon. Some news has to come out very soon one way or the other because tickets are about to go on sale and fans will want to know exactly what they are buying and seeing that night no doubt. Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that for us Kiss is the story here. But in reality there are several other bands going in and for the HOF Kiss is likely viewed as a necessary evil here unfortunately. I assure you they are internally more excited about Springsteen’s band or Nirvana in truth. More very soon I’m sure..


Speaking of Kiss, they are one of many bands playing in Mexico City next month at the Hell & Heaven Fest. I was just brought on by the promoter to appear at this event both days. I am not going for interviews or media or TMS. I am going to do some fan meet & greets, stage announces and whatever else the promoter asks of me for the weekend. Whatever my personal feelings about Kiss now, or any band for that matter are, they have nothing to do with an event like this. I didn’t make the lineup and it is not about what I think. I am there to be a pro for the promoter, meet fans, and whatever else may come up. If you are going hope to see you. More news when I have it.


Hope you enjoy the all new TMS tomorrow night 11/10C on VH1C.


Me, Don & Jim live on stage 8P tomorrow night at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ. I will be selling and signing both books and have merch for sale as well pre and post show. These are live stand up shows, NOT TMS tapings. It’s almost sold out but hope to see you there.


Have a good weekend, happy Valentine’s day.

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  1. I will not waste my money on a cover band! Kiss has always claimed to be about the fans. The fans want to see Paul Stanley except the honor with the original four. Nothing would be better than the original four going on stage one last time to shove it up the a$$ of their critics. Was that not the original point of view?

  2. I know by now…no one will see this comment but its pretty much official, worst secret in the biz, Kiss will tour this summer with Def Lep and Poison. And thats with Tommy and Eric. I didnt ecpect a reunion with the originals but thought there might just be something extra special because of the 40th anniversary and the induction. Kind of tired of these ampitheater packages. Shorter sets, crappy seats, curfews and ten dollar beers. I do not fault Kiss or Gene or Paul. No biggie. Think I’ll stay home this summer.

  3. Eddie…A little late on this post but wanted to comment on what you said in this post about vitamins being a waste of money. A lot of people don’t understand that vitamins, taken as a supplement, are to be used to fill in the gaps of your diet…or if you’re body is deficient or doesn’t produce enough of something. If someone eats junk food all the time and takes vitamins, expecting to feel better…well, it ain’t gonna happen. I changed my diet one year ago and have lost 80 pounds so far…gave up meat, sugar and salt…so, I take a good multi-vitamin to make sure my iron levels stay good…since I don’t get that from meat. Taking vitamin C once you’re sick, is too late. Eating plenty of the good stuff every day keeps your immune system up and less prone to getting sick. I’m still a rocker, just healthy enough to enjoy it for many more years to come! Thanks for letting me share this info! Keep up the good work!

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