Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Things go pretty nuts for me work wise starting Monday. That’s my first day visiting the new TMS set in NYC and going over a bunch of stuff in prep for the first shoot this coming Tuesday with Geddy Lee, John Petrucci and a surprise guest! Then Wednesday I fly to FL to host Alice Cooper Wed night at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. Then home Thursday, then a live show in NJ at Starland with Don, Jim and Jackyl Friday. Then fly to Pittsburgh Saturday for a 2 live shows Saturday night at The Rex with Don & Jim. Then do it all over again the next week! Not complaining, blessed to have this life doing what I love, but things are going to be really nuts for a while! Keep up on Twitter, FB, here when I have time. And please check the home page appearances for all my upcoming stuff on the road. Hope to see you all soon one way or the other. Oh yeah, and in the middle of all that I will do a live SiriusXM show this Monday too 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation for Presidents Day. Doug Aldrich among the guests. I’m tired already but livin the dream, have a good one!

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  • Tyler Adams on

    This will be one of the best weeks of the entire year! Only cause That Metal Show returns! Can’t wait for it. 1 week to go!

  • James K. on

    Dude, I can hardly wait for Saturday of next week! Tons of beer, liquor, barbeque, friends coming over to hang out and TMS! Now that is a party! The “After TMS party” is going to rock to! Weather permitting, outside in my backyard there’ll be kegs, bar setup, huge stereo speakers blasting metal, flood lights, tables for cards and dominoes set up, horseshoe pits ready to go, designated puking areas for the lightweights, fire pit blazing, my two Rottweilers Dinky and Meathead probably being stressed out, my brother getting wasted and probably making a fool of himself. The last party I had, we dared my brother that he couldn’t jump off the house onto the trampoline and then into the pool. So he tried and his clumsy, fat ass stumbled a bit running down the roof yet he still jumped and missed the trampoline completely and hit hit the ground hard and broke his wrist and screwed his shoulder up. Hopefully he’ll top that this time.

    • Dan Buege on

      What town is this party in?

  • Dan Buege on

    Speaking of Living the Dream I just used your Amazon.com link to order Ethan Brosh’s album by that title. I also picked up Sweet and Lynch and Matter of Perception by Ethan’s sister, Nili Brosh. I think it’s cools that Dave Ellefson playd a few tracks on Ethan’s album and he’s done some stuff with George Lynch. Nili toured with Tony MacAlpine’s band, one of my favorites on Shrapnel early on.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Eddie looks like ur gonna get a snowy premier episode of that Metal Show

  • T on

    Just re-watched the episode with Steve Stevens as the guest guitarist, Hope he comes back in the future.

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