Just home from a long day in NYC. All day rehearsals for That Metal Show with the crew. New set looks cool and we now have Lemmy and Dio on our walls! Tomorrow it’s for real as show 1 tapes with Geddy Lee, John Petrucci on guitar and a special surprise guest for our top 5. The surprise guest will be revealed tomorrow since we tape with a live audience. I’ll tweet it and post photos with him when I get to the set. So all will be revealed soon. Was just asked to keep it a surprise for our live audience until we shoot. It is the singer in a major rock band… So psyched we are finally back! The show we shoot tomorrow premieres this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic!

TONS of requests for audience tickets. I do not control it. www.gothamcasting.com does. Hit them up. Thanks.

Thanks to my guests Doug Aldrich, Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson on my SiriusXM show tonight, The new Black Star Riders is great! Both Black Star Riders and Doug’s new band Revolution Saints have their latest albums out a week from tomorrow. Rev Saints very much like Journey. Check them both out.

All new podcast  EXCLUSIVE interview posts this Thursday with Robin Zander! Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Don’t forget this Wednesday I am in Hollywood FL at the Hard Rock hosting Alice Cooper. Meet me at The Hard Rock Cafe in the casino after the show.

This Friday live with Don & Jim and Jackyl at Starland in NJ and Saturday with Don & Jim for 2 shows at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh.

Lot’s going on! Follow on Twitter for more and up to the second news and photos @EddieTrunk . My ONLY twitter account.


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  • Mark Kohn on

    Zander….Simply the best…..The Robin Zander Band rocks also…it gives Robin a chance to,sing…Queen,Zeppelin,Dio…and all,his fav songs…..Zander is one of the best singers and his voice is getting stronger as the years go by….you may want to ask him If Bun E …will ever come back and when is the new disc coming out….Zander Rocks

    • Medved on

      Until the lawsuit is settled I doubt we’ll see a new Cheep Trick album anytime soon. One thing’s for certain is Bun E will never play with Cheep Trick again.

  • Doug R. on

    Like everybody, been waiting forever for the new season of TMS, and I’m going to miss the debut episode! Decided to go down to Florida this weekend for the Daytona 500, I’ll be at the race track all weekend! Just have to catch a replay of TMS Monday or Tuesday. James K., I hope you have a great TMS party Saturday, you party animal! Enjoy the “Rush”, 😉 cheers buddy! 🙂

    • James K. on

      Dude, the Daytona 500! That’s badass, Doug! I’m jealous of you right now! My party is going to be epic. I only throw big parties like this every once in a while because it’s a lot of work and it’s expensive. This one, however, has been in the works for a long time and my friends have been helping me plan it. We are about to start hanging lights out back and getting everything in place for Saturday. We have some cool TMS themed activities planned but I don’t want to give any of it away because a lot of people I invited have told me they check this website out from time to time.

      Have a great time at the race my friend! I’ll do a shot of tequila Saturday for you at my party. Cheers!

    • David C on

      Have fun down at Daytona Doug! Being from NorCal I’ve been a Jeff Gordon fan (since Bill Elliott retired) and I’ve been to races in Vegas many times and at Sonoma for the road course. I’m a Chase Elliot fan for Nationwide, can’t wait until next year when he takes over Gordon’s ride in the #24.

      Rock on, catch TMS on the replays!

  • Brian Garczynski on

    I am guessing since Jackyl will be in the NY area, Jesse James Dupree will be the surprise guest on the first TMS show of the season…..

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