Great hang in the studio last night for my satellite show with Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge. Fortress was my #2 album of 2013 and was great to discuss it with them and take your calls as well.


Shooting this weeks new TMS tonight. Guests will be Myles and Markm of AB as well as Matt Nathanson. Yes, I know Matt is not a metal or hard rock artist. He IS a metal fan and huge fan of TMS. As a matter of fact he is such a fan he wore a TMS shirt when he performed on Jay Leno! So VH1C thought it would be fun to have him on and talk some metal from an angle of an artist that doesn’t play it, but loves it. Playing guitar in today’s show will be Steve Brown from Trixter. Very underrated player who will shred some EVH style for us. Cool being on the E Coast now and getting all these first time players on. And also in today’s taping we will spend some time with Klaus and Rudolph of Scorpions! They have never been on because they are based in Germany. Now via Skype we can at least get them that way. Should be a fun one and it will premiere this Saturday night 11/10C. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for photos and tweets from the set as we tape the show today.


Many new appearances TBA soon. Going to be a busy Spring and Summer for me. Look forward to seeing you all on the road. Keep an eye on the home page for new dates and appearances coming. Starland in NJ next up this Saturday night with Don & Jim. I will have both books available and also shirts, hats and more for sale on site too. Thanks!

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  1. HaHaa it’s so funny Eddie, that people STILL don’t understand how TMS works, and the industry logic regarding VH1, it must make you batty to have to repeat and explain the same crap over and over, you have the patience of a saint!!

  2. People forget that there have been non-metal guests before. Remember Mike Piazza in the early seasons? I think it’s great to have musicians and guests with different vantage points on metal and hard rock music. Thanks, Ed!

    1. It’s is what VH1C wants. Part of how they want the show to grow. Matt is a legit fan as you will see. Had no idea about him before this show.

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