Hope everyone had a great weekend. Hard not having any real NFL but one more game to come at least.

I’ll be back live on SiriusXM tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 for TRUNKNation. I’ll be paying tribute to Jimmy Bain and getting live calls from Vivian Campbell, Andrew Freeman and Vinnie Appice throughout the show. Plenty of your live calls with much to discuss and of course new and classic hard rock and metal!

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  1. Please ask Vivian why they cancelled the show last Saturday in Orlando only ONE hour before show time?! 35k people turned away at the arena entrance.

    1. I was at the show Friday night in Fort Lauderdale and Joe told the crowd his voice had left and gone home and he kept apologizing. They carried on and he did a great job considering the circumstances. They soldiered on and finished the show, bringing out Jeff Keith from Tesla to help Joe do the 2 songs for the encore “Rock of Ages” and “Photograph”.

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