Hope everyone is having a good first week of 2015. I’ve been head and shoulders into all kinds of stuff including both radio shows, my podcast and lining up guests for the new season of TMS. As usual that is a tricky balancing act between who’s available when we tape (everyone lives on the W coast, we are back in NYC, so many on tour, etc), who I want, who the network wants, who wants to do the show, etc. But some cool stuff cooking and it should really start to take shape in the next couple weeks. We tape for 12 weeks in NYC starting 2/17 with the season debut 2/21 on VH1C. The network tells me I should have audience ticket info to post in a week or so. I have no doubt when all is said and done we will have a great mix of new, classic, first time and returning rock, hard rock and metal guests. It’s been almost a year lay off and I’m psyched we are finally back! Thanks for all your amazing support and patience. If it was up to me I’d do the show every day! More news here when I can share.

All new exclusive Eddie Trunk Podcast posts tomorrow (new every Thursday). This week’s guests are Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner talking about their new band Rated X and much more. As usual free and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com You can also stream it by hitting the banner on the site.

Have many new AA Members of this site from the holidays. Welcome to all. All members get my radio show on demand, a signed 8×10, 15% off coupon for my merch store and a free bumper sticker all for a very small yearly fee. Click the banner for info. Also check out the new T shirt designs now available in my merch store!

Very weird to see AC/DC’s first announced US show at Coachella which is far from a hard rock event. But AC/DC are so huge they transcend all music formats these days. Still would have been cool to see them maybe do a big hard rock oriented event. It always strikes me as strange when huge bands do major events outside of their world and that most of their fan base doesn’t care about. Reminds me of when Kiss did their first reunion show for the KROQ Wienie Roast in LA. An alternative radio station that would never play Kiss. But for older bands many get off on seeing younger hip bands show their affection. It makes them feel more contemporary. I’m not saying that’s why AC/DC decided to play this, but I have seen that as the catalyst for decisions like this first hand before. No doubt more AC/DC dates to come for those that aren’t as musical diverse as Coachella.

I’ll be at MVPs in Cincinnati 1/16 and Dockside Tavern in Oshkosh WI 1/17. Tickets on sale now for both. Links on my home page. Come on out and hang! All appearances including a just announced date in DE (3/21 World Cafe Live At The Queen) with Don and Jim on the home page.

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    • Eddie on

      Very funny! How about them refs! I actually have a Cowboy’s jersey like that signed by the O line because they were fans of my show and had a metal band a few years ago. It sits in a box in my basement buried (didn’t have the heart to just toss it). Go Pack Go!

    • Medved on

      So because I was curious I did some online research. The name of the band is Free Reign which featured Cowboys offensive linemen Leonard Davis, Cory Procter, and Marc Colombo. They released an album “Heavier Than Metal” in 2011, which is available on Amazon. Don’t know whether the band is still together or not.

      Free Reign turn up metal in offseason (June 30, 2011)

      “Heavier Than Metal” – 2011 (Amazon)

      Oh Eddie, next time the Giants are beneficiaries of “bad officiating” I’ll be sure to remind you it. See whether your “conspiracy theory” still holds up then.

    • Eddie on

      Bad officiating is one thing, picking up a pass interference flag a minute after an obvious call with two infractions is unlike anything anybody has ever seen in the NFL. A little different which is why it’s all anybody has talked about all week! As for the band that would be correct.

    • Dana on

      Sorry Medved,


      D 🙂

  • George Forleo on

    looking forward to a few words with you at Extreme on 01/20/15.

  • Beth Milligan on

    Can’t argue those calls on Dallas: not good. We are big fans of the Cowboys, and trust me we love you too. We’ve come to see you twice at Concert Pub since we came to Houston area 10 years ago. Love the Texans and rooted for the Giants most especially in the Superbowl as Eli followed Payton in his. Couldn’t write a better story than that. Seen tons of very bad officiating almost every game whoever is playing. We love football. Despite that call, Lions still could have won. Hope your new year is going well. Spent New Years eve watching metal I’ve recorded (on VHS!!!) at max volume, eating lobsters, and having multiple alcoholic beverages!

    • Dana on

      I hate the gloat but:

      Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, good bye Dallas.

      They lost at the hands of the trifecta of Green Bay: Mr. Rodgers, Mike McCarthy and the John Sykes of football, Clay Matthews. A special shout out to another great Packer player, Randall Cobb.

      This puts a huge New York Giants smile on my face.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Medved on

      So all is right with the world now? No more ranting about conspiracy theories by Goodell, the NFL, and the networks favoring the Cowboys? No more Jerry paying off the officials? And on that note, the officials all of a sudden have gone from the worst in history to the absolute best?

      Still doesn’t change the fact that the Midgets went 6-10 this season. Also doesn’t change the fact that the Boys have swept the Midgets in back to back seasons, including three straight wins at MetlLife. Romo loves New York! Perhaps we should start calling it AT&T Stadium East?

      Oh well, there’s always next season, right?

    • Eddie on

      Yes there is next season, and get ready to deal with the Giants in a big way… No gift call for you against the Packers? Boo hoo

    • Dana on

      Exactly, there is always next season and let’s see what the Cowboys do next year as well.

      Sounds like I struck a nerve Mr. Medved. 😉 If you think the Giants fans were happy about a Cowboy loss, speak the Lions fans, they were even more ecstatic.

      Finally, I used to be a Cowboys fan when I was young, still have my Tony Dorsett jersey, and have much love for him. However, that was a lifetime ago and we all know what word Romo rhymes with, right? 😉

      D 🙂

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