Another example of the insane “media” world we now live in happened yesterday. During my SiriusXM show I take many calls from people all over the US and Canada. It is so much fun debating and discussing the various news, stories, rumors, gossip making the rounds in rock, and judging by the response the audience loves it too. This past Monday I was discussing how often RUMORS float out there and mentioned there was even one lately that Sammy Hagar and EVH were talking. There were also rumors DLR was out of VH and going to do the Eat Em & Smile band again. This driven by the fact that that band was in fact going to play two songs a couple weeks ago in LA (Steve Vai is my podcast tomorrow and discusses that!). I literally must have said this is all RUMOR 10 times during this discussion. But sure enough in the “make anything you want to up” world of “media” today, some sites and fans posted what they wished, wanted, or think I said, instead of what I really said. All a by product of social media and people not actually hearing what was really said and it coming out as fact or a statement. Seen it so many times. On one hand I’m glad people listen and care about what I say or what goes on during my programs, on the other I just wish they would actually report it with some level of truth and context. HUGE difference between discussing hypothetical situations and rumors vs saying something is happening and fact.

Speaking of DLR, guitarist Steve Vai is my guest on my podcast tomorrow. Steve is the featured performer for the Tony Macalpine benefit I am hosting in LA Saturday night. He discusses Tony, DLR and the almost reunion that just happened, and if he ever wants to be in a band again. Don’t miss this Eddie Trunk Podcast posting tomorrow free worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Just saw a rough design of the new relaunch of this site. It is coming soon and will have more great content and be way more user friendly and optimized for tablets and phones.

Getting orders now for signed copies of my books for gifts. I’ll write whatever you want and send them out. Be sure to specify which volume with orders. Info under “Media”, “Books” on this site. Order soon for Christmas delivery!

Great response to the merch store sale for Cyber Monday. Thanks to all who purchased ET swag. Appreciate you representing! Keep an eye on the store for another sale for a short time just in time for Christmas.

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  1. eddie,all things hard rock and heavy metal,remember.pleaese start asking the tough questions,i/e guns n roses rumors.i look to you n this site for the truth.go out there n roll the bones,ask slash whats up,whats going on with you.maybe he will talk.you have to,its all things hard rock n heavy metal.roll the bones

    1. Gregg,

      You have to realize that Eddie may get the truth, but whether he is allowed to disclose that information, is another issue.

      D 🙂

  2. Great interview with Steve. Thanks for that. I’m very happy to hear he’d be interested in the DLR band again. I really hope those guys can work something out, even a limited tour. New music would be awesome, though Dave’s Eat’em and Smile voice isn’t there anymore, but I’d take it.

    I popped in ADKOT the other day for the first time in a year, and thought that while it was a pretty solid album, there was something big missing. Maybe a new singer, or Sammy can take them in a different direction, though the whole band does sounds great and Ed seems to back at the top of his game. Ed is such a powerful musician that I hope he continues to make music, I don’t really care who is singing.

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