Over the last few months few I have been inundated with people asking me about the rumored Guns n’ Roses reunion. It’s been incredible to see the massive amount of rumors (many being reported and taken as fact) out there. I get that this is something many would like to see, but to watch the incredible amount of misinformation is mind boggling. People are literally making shit up, and there are many just waiting to buy it. I had someone on Twitter ask me about a “second leg” of the tour, when of course there is no FIRST LEG!. A UK website said the tour if off until 2017 recently so Axl can do a proper farewell with the current band. What current band?? He’s down two guitarists! So what, hire two new guys and do a farewell essentially for Tommy Stinson? It’s insane! I get TONS of questions about this because as many know I have a friendship, or know, almost all the players involved potentially. But I have refused to get into the rumor game and promote baseless sources. Just the other day I asked Dana to not post stories about this unless it is CREDITED TO AN OFFICIAL SOURCE. What a concept huh? Actually wait for REAL information!? So what’s going on since there is still no real news? Here is my two cents:

I have said for years I think one day some sort of reunion will happen. Why? Because it’s too big not to, the members are still relatively young, and the money is way too attractive to ignore. The main reason I would like to see it is because as a lifelong promoter of rock and metal it would give our genre a shot in the arm. I do believe and have been told by very reliable sources over the last year or so that indeed there have been talks. But “talks” can go several ways as we all know and have seen. Promoters can and sometimes do make offers for bands and tours not currently formed. Hoping the amount of money makes the bands reunite. Zeppelin, Floyd, etc. I have personally been asked to make offers to the guys in Skid Row to reunite by promoters half a dozen times over the years. Offers happen all the time, putting the pieces in place to make tours happen, not so much. Ego, politics, control, money, merch, control of the name and brand, all play a part. Factor in that when a band splits all the members now have their own managers and agents who must then negotiate. So I think 100% there are talks and hopes of doing something with GnR. How close they are or if they actually happen is anyone’s guess. It could be tomorrow, it could be in five years, it could be never. Unless you are on the very inside with lawyers, agents and managers you just don’t know. And with how volatile this stuff can be it could have been set and pulled off the table five times already for all we know.

Here’s where the fans can’t be blamed for speculation; there has been no announcement from any source that this ISN’T happening! To end this all that would need to happen is Slash, Duff, or Axl put out a statement saying this is not happening and they are staying on their current paths. They would have to be on another planet to not know it’s being talked about everywhere. But if Axl came out tomorrow and said “I have a new lineup, here are my new guys replacing Bumble and DJ, here’s what we are doing” , it would all be over. A statement from anyone killing it will stop all the madness. But since that has not happened you can’t blame any fan who wants this for dreaming. And it likely means there are still talks ongoing. So the speculation and rumors will continue until we get an announcement saying one thing or the other. All I will say is be careful what you believe and consider where it’s coming from. The “media” world is so saturated with irresponsible people who’s affiliation might be a twitter feed or web page that it can make your head spin. And it amazes me how some people in my industry of radio put some of this on the air as fact! Everyone is looking to be the first, or get the most clicks for their page. Let’s all chill and discuss and dissect when there is REAL information one way or the other. I actually had people calling my radio show the other day upset about who’s not being included in a reunion that hasn’t even been announced at all in any way, shape or form! If/when there is REAL news we will get into then. And as I said, for all I know that can be tomorrow, next week, or never. But until then all we need is a little patience…

PS: I’ve also been asked by many, “hey, you know these guys, ask them what’s up”. I’m not going to put these guys in that position. They know me, if they want to tell me anything on or off the record they will. They aren’t dumb and neither am I. The way to handle stuff like this properly and professionally to maintain relationships is to make requests at times like these through proper channels for interviews. I of course have done that and my doors are wide open to any and all to discuss. To date Steven Adler and Gilby Clarke were the only ones to come forward and discuss this on my radio show from LA a couple months ago and give their take. I truly hope when the time is right and there is something to announce either way I can share it with you through the band members when they want to talk. But I’m not going to put these guys who I have been friends with and worked with often over the years in an awkward position until they are ready to discuss. It would serve no purpose and obviously nobody is going to say anything on the record with anyone until they want to and know what’s up.

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  • Jason Falkinham on

    There’s a lot of people on Facebook saying that you mentioned something about Hagar getting back with EVH or something along those lines? What’s the story with that?

    • Eddie on

      The story is I was discussing RUMORS on my radio show and said I hear every rumor out there every day and that is one I heard recently in light of DLR maybe playing with the Eat Em & Smile band. I literally said RUMOR 15 times when talking about it on air but some choose to only hear or report what they want to think I said…

    • BoyHowdy on

      I would probably be the most surprised person in the world if Sammy were to rejoin Van Halen. I highly, HIGHLY doubt that’ll ever happen. I think that Eddie despises Sammy and is probably ticked off at Sammy for all of the negative things he’s said about VH over the past few years. Plus, I am sure that Sammy would not become a part of VH again unless Michael Anthony also rejoined, and the chance of that happening is between slim and none because of Eddie.

    • BoyHowdy on

      On the other hand, I would pay some big bucks to see Diamond Dave and his Eat ‘Em and Smile band play live together — despite the fact that Dave’s voice is but a shadow of its former self. Just to see Vai, Sheehan, and Bissonette jamming to the Eat ‘Em and Smile tunes would be fantastic…plus, I assume that they’d play in smaller venues (much better sound and viewing for the fans) than Van Halen has played in during the past few years.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    What about my needs?

  • Rafael Rech on

    Congrats Mr. Trunk! That is why a doctor like me, PhD in medicine, heavy metal fan since 1982 want to know what you think and say about the music we love … Knowledge, professionalism, credibility … are the characteristics that have made me your fan here in southern Brazil … I wish you good health to work and enjoy life with family and music

  • Doug R. on

    I don’t know what’s more frustrating, waiting for some kind of official word one way or another from the GNR camp, or waiting for new TMS episodes! My buddies and I have a bet on which one will happen first, the odds aren’t as good for TMS, sorry Ed! LOL! 😉

  • Patrick Quinn on

    I think a lot of the speculation also has to do with all the circumstances in both camps being so ripe for it to happen. But of course, that’s never been the deciding factor in prior reunions either. As someone who was a huge fan of the band back in the day, I would relish the chance to see the original GnR kick ass again. Axl still remains one of the preeminent song writers in rock and roll and I’d love to see what gems he’d come up with next and what riffs ol’ Slash would shred our faces off with. Those guys go together like Jack Daniels and Coca Cola, no doubt.

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