Had a great couple radio shows taking calls on two topics the last two days on my Volume show. Tuesday was the remaining top R&R HOF snubs, and today I did a show called “They should have been huge..”. Something I hear often from rock fans about bands they love but never made it big. Great calls and engaging conversation. So much fun doing this daily show on SiriusXM Volume 106. Thanks to all who join me and listen live 2-4P ET or to the replay 9-11P ET. Tomorrow Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders joins me, Tuesday 1/31 Rob Halford. Up to the second updates on my Twitter.

Getting closer to Monsters cruise and Cruise To The Edge. Can’t wait for these great events!

If in NYC join me this Saturday at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst NY for Q&A, prizes and rock talk. Live music too! Hope to see you there on my home area turf!

New podcast up tomorrow with guests Kenny Aronoff who has played drums with everyone, and Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett talking about the prospects of a reunion! FREE starting tomorrow www.podcastone.com and Itunes.

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  • Rattlehead on

    Gosh, I would have loved to hear the discussion on “They should have been huge…”. My candidates are Armored Saint, Riot, and Saxon. (I know Saxon had moderate success, but I think they should have had greater success). Also, I think Anvil could have had greater success on the strength of their first three albums, but I think there S&M lyrical themes and Lips’ bondage outfits diminished their credibility. Personally, I wish the band Steeler fronted by Ron Keel had greater success. They were, for a time, my favorite heavy metal band…and they were just a local LA band!!!

  • bubba guitar on

    Yes Eddie, u should write a quick list of who u discussed on the “shoulda been huge” show, great topic to discuss, not so great for any band listed in this category unfortunately. Off the top of my head the band Saigon Kick comes immediately to mind. I know Eddie is a fellow fan, having seen him when they played last year at Webster Hall (which was slightly sad in itself that they were in the small room in basement when if there was justice they’d be in the Grand Ballroom up top)…
    In the NY/NJ area back in the late 80s was great band called Xenon, who ruled the club scene but never hit it nationally & I would put them also in the shoulda been huge category. Another one is NYC band called Maggie’s Dream, they were very Lenny Kravitz’y, soulful & rocking. Had the talent & the songs but didn’t have the luck I guess.
    Another one from NYC (can u tell where I’m from & what clubs I went to in my longhair 80s & 90s?) is Warrior Soul. Kory ‘F’ing’ Clarke, man this guy was a lead singer, agitator, front man extraordinaire and this band was Goooood.

    More recent is Supagroup, AC/DC’ish type hard rock band from 2000s. Awesome live show, great musicianship, cool songs but…Not sure if they’re still out there slogging it in the clubs.

    From SF area was the Sea Hags, early 90s’ish. 1st album is absolutely fantastic but…

    And lastly back to NYC, Spread Eagle. Very much in the post GnR wake for gritty sleazy dangerous streetlife etc etc, these guys were the real deal, great 1st album also and yet….

    So there u go my fellow nuts who also love a conversation about this kinda stuff…Take care, hope there’s others like me out there. Later…

  • Mary Lynn Nemergut on

    Really miss TMS. Any change of it getting revived? Miss VH1; MTV SUCKS!!!!

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