Hope everyone checks out my all new podcast exclusive interview with Vivian Campbell up now. Viv talks Dio, The Last In Line, his cancer, Def Leppard and more. Free now www.podcastone.com or via Itunes.

Just recently added a new feature to this site. My weekly Pick Of the Week. This is something we do on TMS and now I’ll do one every week or so here on this site. So many people ask me about new things to check out so hopefully this will be helpful and provide some suggestions from what I like. You can find them by clicking on Pick Of The Week under the Media tab on this site. Just another way to help promote new releases and music in general that I hope you find useful.

The guests for the new season of TMS are coming together nicely. Looking like a big array of new guests and many genres or rock and metal will be represented. Can’t wait to announce our season premiere guest. A LEGEND! I will reveal him soon! 1st new episode coming 2/21 9P ET on VH1C. More soon..

All new radio show this weekend loaded with new and classic hard rock and metal. Premieres tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11P ET and streaming on both stations. On all affiliates over the weekend. All new live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Udo will be in studio, Vinnie Moore will call in.

Have a nice weekend all. What to do without football….

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  • Doug R. on

    Sunday, 5 P.M., NBC Sports Network, NHL All-Star Game, ENJOY!! 🙂
    A LEGEND!? I hope it’s EVH, that would cause an “ERUPTION”! “BOTTOMS UP!” 😉

    • James K. on

      I have to work on what is my normal night off (bummer) so I’ll have to dvr the game and watch it Monday. I very much want EVH to be a guest on TMS. How awesome would that be? But then I thought about the fact that Sammy and Mike have become friends of the show and I hope that wouldn’t keep Ed from appearing. After all, he’s been known to be a bit on the moody side at times and famous for holding grudges against people. But how cool would it be if Ed was a guest AND he gets up on the platform and throws down on guitar like Nugent did? That would make me want to “JUMP” (terrible song reference) and if I land badly and get hurt I could scream “SOMEBODY GET ME A DOCTOR!” (great song reference). Then I’d have “ONE FOOT OUT THE DOOR” on my way to the hospital. God, I’ve got to stop drinking so much coffee!

    • Doug R. on

      Hey James, well if you like offense, this hockey game is for you, but if not, it was a joke! I mean I like to see some offense, but 29 goals, even for an all-star game is a little ridiculous! Anyway, yeah it would be great if EVH is the first guest on TMS, I would love to hear him open up about everything, Especially Sammy and Mike. And yes it would be awesome if he brought some of his “LITTLE GUITARS” and jammed for us, EVH, “UNCHAINED”! Preparing for a blizzard up here in the big apple, take care James, and be careful if you “TAKE YOUR WHISKEY HOME”, you could be headed for a whole lot of trouble, LOL! 😉

    • James K. on

      Dude, that game was definitely a joke. It was a total goal-a-rama! That’s ridiculous! I just watched the Texas-Iowa St basketball game and it was a good game. But now I’m trying not to puke hearing parts of a Patroit’s press conference addressing “Deflategate”. That’s a cue for me to stop watching sports tonight and crank up the stereo with a great old Sabbath album. As for the possibility of Mr. Van Halen appearing on TMS, if he does I think the one person that could get the best interview out of him and touch on the subject of Sammy and Mike with respect but also asking the difficult questions without pissing him off at the same time is Mr. Trunk. He could definitely get Edward to spill his “SECRETS”, maybe even get him to relax, have fun on the show, maybe even reveal his favorite “DIRTY MOVIES” (LOL!). Take care bud, cheers.

      The countdown to the TMS season premiere continues!

    • Dana on

      James K.

      “Deflategate” is just another example in a long line of “oopsies” from the Cheatriots, and their highly personable coach, Bellicheat. I saw a headline today that read pretty boy Brady’s poor wittle feelings have been hurt by all of this negative press. Awww, should the NFL fans all chip in to get him a lolly and change his nappy?

      While we on the subject, as long as Commissioner Goodell remains a close personal friends with Pats owner Robert Kraft, expect this ball club to continue to get away with continual garbage.

      While I am not a fan of the team, in light of all this, GO SEAHAWKS!

      Go Giants 2015!
      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Mark Ellis on

      When it comes to slamming the Patriots for Deflatgate, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME. As a 49er faithful, when it come to the Seahawks, I AIN’T TALKIN BOUT LOVE, but, in light of developments, I hope Seattle goes all POUNDCAKE on New England’s asses, RIGHT NOW!

    • James K. on

      I didn’t need another reason to hate the Patriots, but all the Deflategate stuff miraculously gave me yet another reason to despise them. Brady makes me sick! I hope the Seahawks’ defense “deflate” him!

      And Dana, your post is great!

  • Bryan Russell on

    Eddie, I’m a betting man and I bet the legendary guess will be non other then Dr. Brian May. Only time will tell.

  • Frank Andersson on

    a legend, so it must be Chris “Godzilla” Doliber of Madam X then!

    by the way, Eddie did you see the clips from Dave Grohl’s birthday party gig?

  • Harry Taint on

    Come on Angus!!

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