Aerosmith: Legendary Child

Slash: You’re A Lie

Dokken: Empire

Rush: Headlong Flight

Van Halen: As Is

UFO: Burn Your House Down

Lita Ford: Living Like A Runaway

Accept: Stalingrad

Adler: The One You Hated

Tremonti: Leave It Alone

Motley Crue: Sex

Steve Vai: Gravity Storm

T&N: Tooth & Nail

Soundgarden: Been Away Too Long

Down: Witchtripper

Manowar: Touch The Sky

Steve Harris: This Is My God

Kill Devil Hill: Voodoo Doll

Fozzy: Sandpaper

Overkill: Electric Rattlesnake

Testament: Dark Roots Of Earth

BCC: This Is Your Time

Adrenaline Mob: Undaunted

Iron Maiden: Space Truckin

LA Guns: Better Not Love Me

Trixter: Machine

Stone Sour: Gone Soverign

Hellyeah: War In Me

Pantera: Piss

Kiss: Hell Or Halleluijah


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    1. Playlists will be posted if and when I have time. The radio shows play 25 tinmes a week various times and I announce EVERY song I play. Hosting and producing 2 radio shows and a TV show myself, plus social media, not always time for every detail….

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