Metallica Metallica has teamed up with mega-brewery Budweiser for a limited-run of Metallica themed beer cans.

The good news? The branded cans are set to be in stores September 28th. The bad news? It’s only available in Quebec. Make sure to check eBay or contact that old friend in the icy north to snag one of the 91,000 cans.


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  • Lorne Carter on

    So after Hetfield’s well known and documented stint in rehab (see Some Kind of Monster) this seems like a logical move.

  • James K. on

    It would have been cool to have one of these cans to display over my bar. I’d do that rather than drink it because I can’t stand Budweiser. It’s too bland, like most mass produced American lagers are.

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    Ha! Just don’t tell the customs arseholes ready to seize your eBay purchases … .
    I kid you not, just as Americans (I’m told) can’t buy insurance from a state they don’t reside in, it’s illegal for anyone to take alcohol out of the province you bought it in:
    Even Prime Minister Harper wants to change this retarded law, but good luck fighting the unions and the tax regime with a vested interest in the status quo.
    Still fighting the system is very metal, and a Prohibition-era booze battle may be just what Metallica needs to rediscover their roots.

  • Peter Redpath on

    I haven’t tried it, but rumor has it that the first 4 in the case are really strong, but once you get to the 5th, it’s pretty much like drinking water… >:-D

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Super cool & lame.

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