Well it has finally happened and Kiss is in the R&R Hall Of Fame. In recent years we have seen Alice Cooper, Rush, Heart finally go in. Hell if this keeps up I may not have much more to scream about. Not to worry though, still TONS of bands snubbed, including the inexplicable continued snubbing of Deep Purple, which sadly continued for this year. But for 15 years Kiss was ignored, and finally they couldn’t ignore them anymore. Make no mistake, there are many in the Hall voting panel miserable this is happening. But it HAD to happen. Not for the right reasons of music, influence, ground breaking performance etc, but for the economics. The Hall needs fans of major bands finally in Cleveland selling tickets to that museum. So the elitists who tried to keep Kiss out all these years had to fold because they need bands like Kiss and Rush because they need the fan interest those bands bring! The president of the Hall was on my radio show a couple years ago and agreed that is a concern. Laura Nyro isn’t moving tickets in Cleveland!


I’ve heard many people say “I hope Gene and Paul let Ace and Peter come”. That is not the way this works. They don’t control this, the Hall does. The Hall is inducting the original four members only. So they will all be invited and able to speak that night. Where the questions come in is who plays? Of course the hope for any Kiss fan is the original band does at least a song or two. Ace and Peter patched up their own issues at my radio party just a couple months ago and also played together. So nobody can say they are incapable of a couple songs as the original four. The question is will Gene and Paul agree to play with the original band? They have spent more than the last 10 years pushing the current band and slinging barbs at times at Ace and Peter. Can they bury these issues and make it work at least for a night? The problem is the enormity of the four of them on stage together will once again completely undo all the work they have done selling the current version of the band to some degree. Make no mistake, I was at the MTV unplugged, when these guys appear together it will be an avalanche from the fans in terms of reaction. So the question comes into play in the performance area. Do they all play together? Do Gene and Paul try and crowbar in the current band to play? Do Ace and Peter not play if that’s the case? Do they wear makeup? In the past many scenarios have played out with the performance portion. From more than one lineup playing, to no performance by the band at all. So anything can happen in this area and this is where the negotiation comes in and things can get dicey. They could also opt to not play and have a tribute of some sorts perform. But the original four guys will be there and be inducted. The playing is all still TBD. Back in 2006 at a VH1 show I worked on Gene and Paul refused to let Ace and Peter play with them at Rock Honors. It resulted in Peter not attending and Ace in a strange scenario playing with the tribute to Kiss while Tommy performed with Kiss dressed as Ace! But this is the Hall and much bigger and HAS to be done right and respectfully for all four members and most importantly US the FANS! So let’s see what ends up unfolding as the discussions will begin between the various camps very soon.


Another thing, the decision to only include the original 4. I understand the decision. I loved Eric Carr, and I am fully aware of the major contribution in KISStory by many key members. But if you don’t cut it at the original guys only then you have to put everyone that was ever in the band in. So in my view it’s the originals (which it is) or everyone (which it is not). If you extend beyond the original 4 how can you then not also include Eric Singer, who has been in the band a long time, or Bruce Kulick, or even Vinnie who had a huge role in writing key comeback albums? So it’s either all of them or just the founding members, and the Hall is only inducting Ace, Peter, Gene & Paul. Hopefully there will at least be a verbal acknowledgement of what the other guys have contributed. To me they should all four accept together, do a couple songs with the original four (after all, this honor is all about them) and then maybe jam a song with some of the Kiss super fans from other bands. I am NOT lobbying for any reunion full time here. As a matter of fact I think this would be a good time for Kiss to finally retire. Go in the Hall with the guys that started it, and everyone go on to solo stuff and other things. To me it would be a great way to end and put a button on a remarkable career ending in the Hall with the same four that started it. But that’s just my take. I’m sure Gene sees way too many business deals still left to keep dragging some version of Kiss through the mill. But Gene and Paul own the entity known as Kiss, kept it alive, and are within their right to do what they want regardless if I like it or not. I just think it would be a great way to go out. Like a football player winning the Super Bowl and then retiring.


So much more to come on this, but at least, FINALLY, Kiss is in! I’ve had many tweets and emails from fans thanking me for being so vocal about this for so many years on radio and TV. Not saying for a minute I played a role in Kiss, Rush or Alice going in, but I appreciate those that have sent those notes of thanks for bringing awareness to this insane injustice. I assure you many in the mainstream woke up today saying “Kiss, you mean they weren’t in that already?” Kiss was my gateway band into rock music. Regardless of my feelings about what they have done in recent years I have and always will be a Kiss fan. I think being a fan is about debating and liking different eras more than others and being able to voice those opinions. I was the guy made fun of in high school by so many for liking Kiss. I was in high school from ’79-’82, trust me, NO band was more uncool than Kiss then! Many fellow fans know of that struggle haha! So no matter what era of Kiss you were into let’s all celebrate this great overdue moment! I spoke to Ace last night and also Peter’s wife Gigi (Peter was sleeping when the news broke) and Peter himself just a couple minutes ago. Obviously all are excited and still learning how this will all go down. My annual KISSmas Special, which I have been doing since 1990, will take place live this Friday night from 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. My 23rd year celebrating all Kiss around Christmas and this year will be extra special no doubt. Ace will call in live to discuss the Hall. Also how fitting is this that this year the event is happening in Brooklyn open to the public? Especially for Peter! All respect to the other honorees but this thing is going to be all about Kiss as it should be, and I suspect the fans will let certain parties know how they feel about waiting 15 years that night. Congratulations to Ace, Peter, Gene & Paul, and to the fellow Kiss fans out there our day has finally come, so congrats to you as well. See you on the radio Friday night to celebrate KISSmas and see you in Brooklyn in April!

This just in, Rolling Stone story with Gene. They mention me and TMS. Gene clearly caught off guard because it is a ridiculous excuse for not doing TMS!


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  • Dave Balzano on

    Better late than never! There’s no doubt that their output with the original lineup is what got them there (think of the Stones without their output from 1964-71 for instance), but they carried on and still put out plenty of worthy individual songs and even albums thereafter even if many of their post prime period (I’d say 1973-79) albums were spotty. I’m also with Eddie as far as them acknowledging the efforts of others as for instance, without Vinnie Vincent’s contributions, successes in the 1980’s such as Creatures and some songs off Revenge wouldn’t have kept them vital. Of course, Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Mark St. John to a lesser degree, and even Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer (though they at least ought to find their own makeup characters!) deserve some mention.

    Glad that the fans had their say, and glad that Gene acquiesced to playing with Ace and Peter at the induction, at least in writing. I’m with Eddie as far as putting it to rest at this point as far as future work goes as there’s probably too much venom on both sides (Gene & Paul versus Ace & Peter) for it to last or amount to much creatively. As a fan, I was disappointed when I found out how little involvement Ace and Peter had in Psycho Circus, their only studio album after reuniting in ’96, and I can’t imagine Paul and Gene allowing them any more latitude these days if they were to get to that point.

    Still, for me, as a long-term fan, it will be enough for them to have their due and get inducted and perform together again, if only for one more time. Whether it’s with the makeup or not is immaterial to me as I actually enjoyed watching them play the Unplugged show without makeup. We’ll see what develops, and I do look forward to Eddie’s Kissmas show this Friday, and will be listening in for that call from Ace. Rock on Kiss!

  • Pete Salvato on

    Eddie, maybe the Rock Hall is listening to your show finally. Yes Deep Purple etc. should be in. Rush finally got in and now KISS. I am a fan of all three band. Ace & Peter need to be there. I also hope that Gene & Paul will appear on TMS. Looking forward to another great season of TMS.

  • Chris on

    Why can’t everyone just be happy that they are finally getting inducted and just let it play out the way it will play out? Whether it’s just the original 4 or whatever really doesn’t matter, they are finally entering the Hall and it’s the band name that will be in there for eternity. I became a fan of this band back in early 1977 and have been beyond a die hard fan of every incarnation of them since then. I had always hoped the Reunion Tour back in ’96 would NEVER happen cuz I was, and still am, more into the music than the band’s image. I could care less how long someone’s hair is or what makeup they’re wearing, it’s about the music! And I take great offense to the ridiculous insinuations that Eddie makes about how everyone has been “deceived” by the current lineup, or that we simply “buy into” everything they’re selling. Not one person I have been around at the 10 concerts I have attended since the original 4 broke up, has thought that the Spaceman or Catman were Ace or Peter, especially those of us who have gone backstage and met the band, most of us being fans from the 70’s as well. Every one of those shows is exactly what it’s always been at a KISS show: a tightly knit community, an Army if you will. You call yourself a man of the fans and yet you take those very people you speak of, who are also fans of yours, and make them out to be idiots, can’t deny you don’t. Maybe that’s due to 2 things: 1) You’ve become a member of the rock media and ultimately that means you’re what all musicians dread, a critic! And 2) You’ve no concept of what it takes to play in a band, try to record music and play out with those same people night after night. Egos and personalities clash all the time and it gets amplified with the addition of drugs & alcohol. I’ve been in more than one band with the same guitar player who claimed to be clean and sober and every time it was the same b.s., a lie. Does that mean I should stop my band because some people are going to be unhappy that the original guitar player isn’t there anymore? No it doesn’t, it means I can carry on if I see fit, regardless of if I paint my face or not. I can only imagine how difficult it has to be for guys in a band of KISS’ magnitude to deal with members like that. I am extremely happy to still have my favorite band, no matter who’s in it, still making great albums and still touring and still putting on the most kick ass concerts on the planet. Having an active version of KISS is better than not having them at all, and so, when they finally do get their Induction on 4/10/14, regardless of which members take part, I will be celebrating the entire history of a band I’ve loved for 36 years and counting.

    • George on

      Dude…you are only the second person beside myself to nail it regarding Eddie Trunk…Eddie is someone that I would like to have respect for because he does wave the hard rock/ metal flag, but his comments on Kiss and their fans as they are today is ridiculous. Exactly as you say, like we are morons that are “buying” into what Gene says…frankly, Gene has been an ass quite often, but I am into the MUSIC…image is great but I would like them without makeup now better, so I actually like the concerts a little less but still look forward to any new release from Kiss or any ex member not named Peter. (Bruce Kulick’s album out a year ago was killer)…I have been in bands and still am a recording artist today…collaboration is tough sometimes and just because people have musical similarities, doesn’t mean their personalities always match…success brings business decisions, money, fame, etc and everyone handles it differently..Ace and Peter not so good, and some would say Gene too. Regardless, we should all be celebrating that the highest honor Kiss could get is recognition from their critics…they finally are getting it.

    • Eddie on

      Would you be okay if the band you were in replaced you with someone that impersonated you?

    • George on

      Probably not Eddie…but Kiss can’t win because of the makeup…they are unique to that , I agree with Paul when he said more new characters would be ridiculous and I also agree that Tommy and Eric are in Ace and Peter makeup, not the Spaceman and Catman. My point is that I still love the music, including Monster and Sonic Boom…stop pushing your opinion on Kiss today like if WE don’t agree with you we are sheep drinking the Kiss Koolaid… We’re not, or at least not all of us…If Paul and Gene hadn’t kept Kiss going (even with many bad decisions) they wouldn’t be goIng in the HOF today. Ace has played shows with Eric in Peters makeup and Christ, Peter did an album with Tommy in Ace makeup (Symphony). They were too far into the Kiss comeback to quit, and when things went sour with Ace and Peter, they did what they had to…Personally I would rather they take the makeup off, and it isn’t ideal to have Eric and Tommy wearing it, but I would rather have this than nothing. Lastly, yes you manage bands, etc, but to actually be in a band, writing music, having conflicting personalities just makes things that much harder and because of their image, Kiss has the hardest time replacing any member. I love the debate Eddie, and I’m on your site so I’m not here just to bash…I am an Eddie Trunk fan but your opinions on Kiss are sometimes insulting in the way you portray the fans who don’t agree with you…It is possible to still like Kiss without agreeing with everything they do…

    • Eddie on

      I still like Kiss and sure don’t agree with everything they do! Why else would I do an entire radio show dedicated to them tonight for the 23rd straight year?

    • Chris on

      Thank you George. As I said in my original comment, Eddie knows a lot about the press/critic side of music, he has no clue what it takes to be in a band, play shows, record cd’s, etc. You’d have to be IN that situation, as you and I have been, at a much lower scale, to understand the dynamic. It’s easy to sit on your high horse and spew out critical comments when you “talk” for a living. Try being a part of the musical creative process involving other people and see how easy it is.

    • Eddie on

      No clue about band dynamics? Guess that’s why I managed bands and worked for a label and in studios in A&R. No, I have no idea of that side and what goes in…

    • Chris on

      Well I’m glad you can admit it, you’ve made some progress.

    • Brian B on

      Well put, Chris.

    • Chris on

      If I wasn’t pulling my weight or wasn’t giving 100% to the fans who deserve it, then yes I would be, I’d deserve to be replaced. You gotta learn the definition of what it means to impersonate. To impersonate someone is to act just like them, mannerisms, talk, everything. So, if both were impersonating them, then Tommy would be stumbling all over the stage, calling everyone Curly and have a drink in his hand at every interview, and Eric would be constantly yelling about stuff, forgetting the words to the songs he sings and never know what city he’s in, which both of these men are clearly not doing. I think you’re loyalty lies with Ace & Peter because they will do whatever you ask of them, which is fine, it’s their only means of exposure at this point. But you’re never going to get any respect back from Paul & Gene if you continuously piss all over everything they do. Say what you want about how you’ve been a fan forever and you disagree once and they have hurt feelings. If I had to listen to a so-called fan constantly yammer on about the things I did in a negative manner, I’d ignore you too. Show some class and just keep your mouth shut about them, it’s the only way you may get some credibility back. And thanks Brian B, I speak the truth and I can do it eloquently.

    • Eddie on

      Didn’t know objectivity was not allowed in Kiss world. I keep forgetting in Kiss super fan world you MUST love and support EVERYTHING without conditions. How DARE you question or dislike one thing . It is forbidden! Oh and my loyalty is to Ace and Peter which is why my book is dedicated to Eric Carr, I played and supported EVERY version of Kiss, and tomorrow for the 23 year will do a special of 3 hours of nothing but their music from ALL ERAS of the band. Stunning how little you truly know about me and my history, but believe what you want. Sorry I don’t subscribe and pretend to like every single thing every band does. Oh and Ace and Peter have been sober 7 & 10 years, but that doesn’t work with the plan and agenda these days I guess. God forbid they change and you give credit for that. Just keep hammering on the past.

    • Chris on

      Objectivity in KISS world is keeping an open mind when they have 2 members come into the fold and put on the iconic makeup of the characters, not people, characters. It takes no objective thought to just hate it because it’s not the original 2 guys who wore the makeup and not even give it a chance. Say what you will, the characters are Starchild, Demon, Catman & Spaceman, not Paul Starchild, Gene Demon, Peter Catman & Spaceman Ace. How’s it any different than having 6-7 guys play Batman in a movie franchise? It’s not. And have I agreed with everything they’ve ever done, no I haven’t, but am I going to constantly complain about it, no I’m not. Presentation of a grievance, big or small, is everything. I’ve had a long conversation with Paul at a dinner I went to for his art gallery tour, why, cuz he’s a great artist and I was invited by him, and I expressed a few things, in a polite manner I might add, that I didn’t think were the best of decisions within the history of the band, and he respectfully took that in and responded to me in a polite manner as well, with a clear and concise reason as to why it was done. I’ve met him 3 times since then, he remembers me every time and is always pleasant & respectful towards me. I’m 36 years into liking this band, they’ve been one of a very few constants in my life, and if you can’t understand the passion that goes along with that and why I find the way you react to the current band, and fans of it, ridiculous, then you my friend, have no clue what it really means to be a fan of anything. We clearly differ on our definition of what the word “fan” means. Enjoy your radio show, and say hi to your buddy Ace for me, I truly hope he is healthy and sober. I don’t wish bad things on people, nor do I feel the need to be negative and trample down on what others wanna do in life, that’s something a critic does. I sincerely wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday season, while I disagree with the way you conduct yourself in regards to this band, ultimately, I still have respect for you, it’s how I live my life.

    • Eddie on

      Chris, enjoy and believe what you want from who you want. I have a HUGE issue when people refer to the personas of Ace and Peter as merely “characters”. They were “characters” THEY created, extensions of them! So judging by your logic you will be fine with a new Starchild and Demon when they replace themselves? You would be cool with AC/DC putting someone else in the schoolboy “character” if Angus wasn’t up for it? Great that Paul was so cool to you. I know he can be at times. I also know that at his gallery shows he would not sign or acknowledge for fans at the one I went to unless they purchased a very expensive painting. Either you paid some bucks or caught him on a really great day! And by the way, I get why he had those rules, just sayin though.. Enjoy the band the way you see it, respect all opinions, but respectfully disagree when Ace & Peter are reduced to just characters. Dimebag had a tattoo of ACE FREHLEY on his chest, not the “spaceman generic character”.

  • Brian Witkowski on

    My soapbox moment:

    With all respect to the ongoing efforts by the later versions of the band, to keep themselves alive, my love has been and always shall be, the original band. The original spirit of the band I love, died in the 70’s… 1979/80.

    The band circa 1977/78, jumped the shark, with the comic, movies and fighting and various members wanting to quit and egos going on beyond the scenes. The version of Kiss the band, died for me in 1975/76.

    Yes, the band continued including musically, probably better thru the decades. However, in my opinion, the true version of Kiss that destroyed all competition and the public with a chemistry that the special bands have and the line up change bands (insert kiss and many bands here) do not.
    That original line up KILLED it when they played live. I’ve watched music history unfold and seen music bands of all forms come and go, some amazing and some not. Even after all that I have seen, can watch performances of the band circa’ 74-’76 play and give me goose bumps still!! It is or was, something very special indeed. It stands out even today.

    It’s a fact and has been reported on on several occasions about the differences in the personalities of the original four members. However, it’s that difference that creates that spark or special something that makes them special. Even Mr Simmons has indicated that all else no matter what happens in the other variations of the band, fails in the face of Ace, Gene, Peter and Paul in full makeup and costume and together.

    I respect all other forms of the band but the truth of the matter is simply Kiss is and will always be the original four. No matter how great other musicians play that come and go.

    For those not old enough and before current forms of a media friendly worlds..it’s hard to put things in perspective about how big they really were. It literally was a new version of Beatlemania. They came out of nowhere and flatened all of us wether you hated of loved them.

    Lastly.. It pains me to see them not move like they used to, sing like they used etc… as it is when you get old. I know Rock and Roll all night will be done obviously. I would love to see Let Me Go Rock and roll for the following reasons.. A) It’s a group effort on the singing with Gene leading, taking pressure off of Paul to only have to put out effort during Rock and Roll all night which is more suited to his stage rapping and ring leader style…thus protecting themselves from looking bad to their peers. B) This is one of the few songs where their is not a lot of vocals and showcases pure jamming and a true rock and roll vibe tune. Lots of room for improvising also in the arrangement. The last two minutes of the song alone just jams and could show off their chops which I know they truly want to do despite what they have and will say.

    Congratulations KISS and thank you for the impact on my life.

    I would love it Mr. Trunk, if you could use your influence in speaking with Ace and Peter that if they all do go, love the idea of the other commentor on here with them in tuxes/suits ala Dressed to Kill and makeup only. The makeup is as famous/deserving as all the bells and whistles and music and even names. They are after all, the most famous faces in all of Rock and Roll.

  • chad miller on

    This to me is the BEST early Kissmas present…my favorite band inducted in the Hall of Fame. I as well am proud KISS as a group of men committed to one unified goal and that is to be the best they can be at any stage of their career. I adore Gene and Paul for never giving up and never folding kiss keeping the flag flying high for 40yrs. I adore Peter and Ace for being the other two important founders of the original team. I adore Eric Carr(rest his soul) for infusing a kick in the rear to the band. I adore guitarists Vinnie,Mark,Bruce for their roles along the way. I adore Eric singer for over 18yrs of balls to the wall drums and showmanship. And Tommy I adore for countless yrs since late 80s on behind-the-scenes and later as reliable lead with chops….my point is all these team members contributed to something bigger than any one of them alone…and that is my favorite band..past,present,and future. Just happy as can be they ‘re in

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