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*Back from LA where I hosted the first ever show by Jake E Lee’s new band Red Dragon Cartel at The Whiskey. If you follow on Twitter you saw photos and the set list which featured Ozzy, Badlands and new stuff. There has been a great deal of criticism about elements of this show, and I agree there is work to be done. But it’s important to remember this was the first ever show in this bands history. So safe to say they are still figuring some stuff out. It was the first time Jake did a proper gig in 20 years and he was great. Not making apologies here, I always call it as I see it, and some stuff needs to be worked on for sure, but it was one gig, let’s see where it goes. The good news is Jake is finally back, playing great, and also taking some ownership of the Ozzy stuff he co-wrote and was such a huge part of. The new album is out 1/28 and is also killer. I’m sure the issues live will be worked out as the band gels for sure. If you missed my interview with Jake E Lee last week on my SiriusXM show it is now posted On Demand on the app. Just search my name under the Hair Nation channel.


*Speaking of Ozzy, I finally read Bob Daisley’s book. For those that don’t know Bob he was in Rainbow, Gary Moore and many many more great bands. But he is also the guy that played bass and wrote the lyrics and some music on pretty much the first 5 Ozzy albums, mostly uncredited. Bob played a HUGE role in Ozzy’s solo success with very little acknowledgement. His new book For Facts Sake is an interesting read for sure. I will have Bob on my show live from Australia this Monday at 9P ET on SiriusXM 39 to discuss all this and more. Don’t miss it! Also in this Monday’s final live show of 2013 will be an in studio visit from comic Jim Breuer and Andy Curran of Coney Hatch. A busy TRUNKNation this Monday to wrap up 2013 live shows! 6-10P ET SiriusXM 39.


*Great response to the first airing of the Priest/Maiden/Rush special last night on Q104.3. Remember this show replays next weekend on all affiliates and webstream outlets and On Demand on this site for AA members. I’m area the Q104.3 stream cuts off at times and have asked the station to explore.


*Since 1990 I have been doing an annual all Kiss show called The Original Merry KISSmas Special. Regardless of the misinformation and hyper sensitivity of some, I am and always will be a Kiss fan and remain one of the few that play the bands music beyond a couple songs for the last 30 years. That will continue with this years special that happens for the Q104.3 audience this Friday night 11P-2A. The Hall will officially announce who gets in this Tuesday AM and many indicators point to Kiss making it FINALLY! So if that indeed happens this Friday’s Kissmas show will truly be a great celebration! I also plan on doing this show live so who knows what will happen during it? Now with Rush and Alice in, and if Kiss actually makes it, I may be able to relax a little haha. But then there are still SO many we must keep fighting for! Stand by for more but either way KISSmas this year is this Friday in NYC on my show on Q104.3. All eras as always represented.


*Getting many orders for signed books for VOL 1 and 2. If orders arrive by end of next week should make it in time for Christmas delivery, doing my best to sign and ship Priority ASAP. Order under Books tab on the site. Unsigned copies anywhere books are sold. Also don’t forget the sale on my merch all this month on the site for gifts or even AA site membership which includes a signed photo and On Demand listening of the FM show and more.

*TMS starts shooting in NYC 1/14 and debuts 1/18 with new shows. Artists, ticket info and more TBA soon.

Have a great weekend, more soon.


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  1. Hey man, love your website and all ya do rock and roll related! Very excited for the RNR HOF nominations Tuesday. As a lifelong KISS fan, I’m pulling for them, although I’m very much over the current sham that they have become. I have respect for the “impostors” Tommy Thayer, who I think is solid and Singer who I think is a great drummer and I was a big fan of in the Revenge Era KISS. I loved 80’s era, non make up KISS, thought the music and band was great. Also of course love Criss and Frehley. I am going to be VERY disappointed if they and the guys that shaped the post make up era are not included in the induction ceremony. If it weren’t for them, KISS would be even more washed up than they are!

  2. I sure hope some members are not snubbed, kiss did a lot with out Peter and ace, it would be a freakin sin to only have a 3rd of the bands history honored, 1982 Kia was up to around 33 million albums sold, 100 million is over a 3rd, in the 80s you go see Carr play a older song, so you would go get the older albums. Same with Kulick ect. It took all members to get the band here.

  3. LOL. If you always “call it as you see it”, why are you beating around the bush about the Jake E Lee show and just come out and say that the lead singer of Jake E Lee’s band Red Dragon Cartel was an embarrassment and god awful. Falling down drunk, couldn’t sing and basically crapped all over Jake E Lee’s return to the rock and roll music scene. Love Jake E Lee and he was ripping it up on guitar. But that lead singer has to go if they want to continue playing live shows. Plain and simple. Call it as you see it Eddie.

    1. In the first show I saw I would agree there are issues. But I also try not to bury someone off of one performance for the first time in their life. Don’t see the point in that especially if you are a Jake fan and want to see the guy succeed. They have an album coming out with him that he sings great on. Don’t people deserve more than one chance?

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