Great weekend ahead I am really looking forward to! Tonight Zakk Wylde joins me live in studio for my Q104.3 NYC show. It starts 11P ET and can be heard outside NYC area by accessing the free stream at www.q1043.com or with the free iHeartradio app. Show is live until 2A ET. Should be a fun one!


Tomorrow night me, Don & Jim will be at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ for a live show. I host, Don & Jim do stand up. Live music after us. We go on 8P sharp. PLEASE NOTE, ANY AND ALL LIVE APPEARANCES FOR US TOGETHER OR SEPARATE ARE NOT THAT METAL SHOW TAPINGS. THEY ARE LIVE STAND UP / STORYTELLER / Q&A SHOWS. NOT FOR BROADCAST AND NOT TMS. Thanks!


Tomorrow night is the premiere of the all new season of TMS 11/10C ONLY on VH1 Classic. Can’t wait for you guys to see this first new show of the new season back in NYC with Zakk, M Shadows, Jason Hook and more. Once again we now tape week to week. So the content is more fresh and we will be mixing up what features we do each week. Hope you all enjoy the debut of Season 13 tomorrow night!


Can’t wait for football this Sunday! Two great matchups and the last great weekend for the true NFL fan!


Big live show on SiriusXM this Monday channel 39 starting at 6P ET. Lita Ford. Michael Schenker and Scott Ian will be among the guests. Live 6-10P ET TRUNKNation!


Don’t forget I’ll be in Milwaukee Jan 30 & 31 hosting Winger at Northern Lights and in Houston 2/8 at Concert Pub North. Signing and selling books at both.


M3 Tickets now on sale. I will once again be there hosting and will also be doing a book signing. Details on that soon. Free M3 ticket giveaways start tonight on Q104.3 show.


Be sure to keep a close eye on the home page Appearance/Signings area. More dates to be announced for me solo as well as with Don & Jim on some too. Coming soon to Portland, Seattle, Mexico City and I have a solo for me in Tampa. All TBA soon so keep an eye on the home page and Twitter @EddieTrunk


Only a couple weeks left to enter to win the cabin for two for the sold out MOR Cruise. Contest ends end of Jan. Good luck and see you on board I hope!

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  • Roland on


    I’m sure the new weekly taping format is going to produce a better show. However this does open up the possibility of scheduled guests cancelling their appearance at the last minute. I’m sure you and your producers have thought of this happening. How would you handle just a situation? Or would be it a “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” solution?

    • Eddie on

      Maybe do a show with no guests? Always wanted to actually. Lot’s to discuss

  • Todd Fagan on

    Best move ever having TMS moved back to NY. Shows will be current and not dated time they are air.

    • Eddie on

      Don’t care where we do it and neither does the audience unless you live in NY or LA. All I care about is WE DO THEM! Thanks.

  • RJD's Ghost on

    Zakk is being totally passive/aggressive about the Sabbath/RJD thing… Black Sabbath with Ronnie should go into the R&R Hall of Fame as Heaven and Hell? Heaven and Hell are NEVER going into the hall of fame and he knows this… And so do you. The Hall let Sammy in with VH, all 300 members of Pfunk went in, every remotely ancillary member of countless bands go in but Ronnie didn’t get in with Sabbath? That was bad enough, stupid, but don’t be a P/A jerk by saying they should go in as H&H. Opinions are fine, being intentionally inflammatory and borderline disrespectful is NOT the same. Zakk can be an easy target for ridicule (his “biker gang”, throwing eggs at Iron Maiden) so I feel douche-y for bringing it up but…please, stop with the “father” thing. What’s that all about? (A few hundred hours of therapy maybe…) The Blabbermouth/Zakk original quote at first, to me seemed just taken out of context and could have been easily explained away and covered by “opinion”. But the more you guys have gone on about this (over two shows) you’ve dug a hole backpeddling that didn’t need to be there and just made it worse actually revealing the intent to be as originally framed! So by Zakk (and by association Eddie) logic, from now on AC/DC post Bon should forever be referred to as “Back In Black” and should (ASAP I hope!:) go into the hall with the current AC/DC lineup under that name. Also hopefully next year “5150” will get on the ballot.
    I’d have that Jersey water checked out. And Eddie, as a LONG time fan, C’mon. Zakk is Ozzy’s property bought and paid for for decades now. No one in the Osbourne cuts you checks, what’s your excuse (and YES, you need one!) here?

    • Eddie on

      I think we live in a world today that everyone is so hyper sensitive and ready to pounce on everyone for everything and every OPINION. I encourage and respect all peoples opinions even if I don’t agree. To me it just seems everyone is WAY over the top about peoples opinions pro or con..
      And I LOVED RJD / Sabbath, but you can not compare the commercial impact he had with that band vs Sammy with VH or Brian with AC/DC. Just the truth. And I AM a Sabbath/Dio guy! Zakk was simply saying it sounded like a different band in my view, and he is entitled to that.

    • Les Binks is better than Jar Jar Binks on

      One man’s opinion, but Zakk really is a guest that I’m not enthused by. During the Throwdown he did his usual non-sequitur filled distractions about “power lifting” that thankfully went ignored. He’s not a dumb person, but seems to go into a forced routine that gives the impression he is when on TV/radio.

  • metalhawk on

    Speaking of your radio show, how about getting whoever is in charge to upload the latest on demand shows? The last one available is the Dec. 27 special. By now, the Jan 3 and Jan 10 should be up.

    • Eddie on

      Shows are added on a week or so delay. They first air on all radio affiliates

    • metalhawk on

      Whether it’s coincidence or not, the shows I was mentioning (Jan 3 and Jan 10) showed up at some point within the last few hours. Thank you!

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