So it appears charges have now been dropped against Phil Rudd as stories broke last night. As I stated in my last post that’s why I always let things play out some and find out what the full story is. However it doesn’t appear to be the end of things as there are allegations of drugs and still some legal stuff pending. I have no idea if AC/DC will stick by him through the rest of this. They may wait until they see how it plays out or decide he is too much of a potential liability with all of these allegations swirling around him and the prospects of a massive world tour early next year. I’m sure no doubt more layers to this story to come. Even the mainstream press has picked up on it. I saw CNN this morning discussing it. It’s always interesting to me when the non rock world gets a hold of a rock story. One commentator actually argued that AC/DC is a “hair band”. Utterly clueless! If they saw the guys they would realize Angus is actually closer to hair-less! Ha!

Thanks to all the great response to this weeks podcast with Adrian Vandenberg. This interview first aired on my radio show a month or so ago. Most weeks are all new exclusive interviews for the podcast, but not every week. I do two radio shows a week and sometimes you just can’t interview people 3 times for the same thing. The radio show is also not as available and not everyone that hears the podcasts listens to that. So there is always going to be some re purposing of material but it is rare. Next Thursday is Snake Sabo and that is new and exclusive to the podcast. I do my best juggling it all.

All new radio show debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11P-2A ET loaded with new and classic hard rock and metal. Q104 streams with iHeartradio app or www.q1043.com , AAF at www.waaf.com Full list of all stations under Live & On The Air.

Pat Travers has been added to the lineup for the Thanksgiving Eve benefit for Karl Cochran at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Going to be a fun night. Come out and support Karl!

Just announced I will be hosting Y&T on New Years Eve at Rock Bar in San Jose CA! This should be a blast, see you soon N CA!

Saw Starz last night in NJ. Great songs, great 70’s band that should have made it. They only do a few live shows but it’s always fun seeing them. Johnny Dee from Doro and Bruno from Danger Danger among those hanging out. Nikki Sixx told me he was a big Starz fan too. They go in that group with bands like Angel, The Godz, Piper and many others from the 70’s that just missed on the mainstream success.

Have a good weekend, more soon. New TMS Feb 2015…

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  • William Griffith on

    Trunkie, you’ve said over n over that TMS must be filmed in LA cause that’s where all the musicians live. So the last 2yrs its back in NYC. In the middle of winter. Great weather, no musicians. Makes a lot of sense. What’s the deal with Jim Ladd’s “Metal Shop” on VH1 in HD. Week 1 Ladd is having on Ozzy. Week2 its Gene n Paul. Did Ladd run you out of town?

    • Eddie on

      William, not sure at all what you are talking about but the NETWORK that I work for makes the decisions on my show, when and where it happens, if it happens. If you had any clue at all you would know that. Here’s another news flash, plans can actually change and execs might actually try different things over the course of a TV show! Not sure why some are so consumed about where we tape TMS. Unless you live in NYC or LA it doesn’t matter to anyone. And all I care about is that we DO the show! I don’t know what Jim is doing and wish him well whatever it is, but we went back to NYC because we all live here, it saves the network money, and TMS can be done weekly. Nobody “ran us out of town”. Please grow up and stop the clueless BS.

    • William Griffith on

      You don’t know what I’m talking about? You have never said “we film in LA cause that’s where all the musicians live?” Sorry you’re havin such a rough day big boy. Hang in there. Maybe there’s still room for your show even though Ladd will blow u away.

    • Eddie on

      That’s true, that was the case, then the NETWORK that makes the decisions changed their mind because the program is so successful people came to us when we shot in NYC last time. What is your problem dude? Is everything a competition to you? Do you live your life trying to stir shit? Take it somewhere else, no time for your garbage. You are done here with your nonsense. Sorry I don’t explain to you every change and decision made by the people I work with every day.

    • William Griffith on

      You keep sayin you won’t respond, I’m done but its just the opposite.

  • Rickard Nyberg on

    I think AC/DC has had enough of Phil. Of course, I want Phil to continue as their drummer, but I don’t think they will use him on the tour. It hurts me to say as he is my idol along with the rest of the dc gang but the pictures of him from the court room and the photos and interviews with him during the
    Promotion of his solo album made me scared. He has aged so incredibly much only during the last 5 years and looks like a heavy drug addict on a downward spiral in life. He shouldn’t be on the road touring. He should get help.
    If Phil won’t follow them i hope they’ll use one of Simon Wright, Chris Slade or Tony Currenti. Would look good to have someone with an old connection to the band if both Mal and Phil is abscent even though i have to admit that Bob Richards did a damn good job on the Play Ball video.

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