Phenomenal first day of taping all new That Metal Show last night in NYC. New set, studio, and being back in NYC was all great. Really loved doing one show as oppose to our old schedule doing two a day and all of them in one week. Shooting one a week now gets fresher stuff on the air and more often. 12 all new shows kick off this Saturday with what we shot yesterday featuring Zakk Wylde (we celebrated his birthday on set in grand style!), M Shadows (great to finally get a member of A7X who are red hot these days with back to back #1 albums) and Jason Hook (he shredded and gave away a guitar). Think you guys will love the new shows. Many of the usual features back in as well as some new ones. We will rotate stuff out from week to week. Don’t miss the premiere this Saturday 11/10C ONLY on VH1 Classic. Great to be back doing TMS!


Next show we tape will be next Tuesday and feature Vernon and Corey from Living Colour, Morgan from Sevendust, and Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger, TSO, Rock Of Ages) playing guitar. All first time guests! Specific guest shows will be announced week to week and are subject to change. Many, but not all, TMS S13 guests have been mentioned in the press release on the site. More to come.


Zakk Wylde will be live in studio with me this Friday on my Q104.3 show 11P-2A ET. Listen outside the NYC area using the stream at www.q1043.com or free Iheartradio app.


This Saturday me, Don & Jim will be doing a live show at Mexicali in Teaneck NJ. We start at 8P sharp. I host and tell stories, Don & Jim do stand up. I will have books and merch for sale on site as well. Once we finish live bands will perform. PLEASE NOTE NO LIVE APPEARANCES ARE THAT METAL SHOW TAPINGS. THEY ARE LIVE STORYTELLER/STAND UP COMEDY SHOWS AND NOT FOR TV. Hope to see you this Saturday night in Teaneck, 2/8 in Houston at Concert Pub N (solo show for me), 2/15 Starland Ballroom Sayreville NJ (me, Don & Jim, no music at all). As always info on the home page.


1/30 & 31 hosting Winger at Northern Lights in Milwaukee. Books and merch available at this show. Band starts at 8P sharp, meet me in the lobby each night starting at 7.


Tons going on, follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk Thanks!

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    1. Sure. I bet Gene is trying to reach you on the phone, begging to be on TMS after watching that fine piece of humour of yours. Kudos!

    2. I know, because he was coming on anyway and really invented everything.. stunning people that have zero sense of humor. Wow!

  1. I understand that it isn’t easy to get a particular guest. I was wondering, however, if you have ever interviewed Vinnie Vincent. With all the KISS stuff in the news, I was just curious….

  2. Eddie,

    The Ted show was GREAT, been such a huge fan of his for years. Met him a few years ago and went right into being a real nice guy to my kids, a real class act. Glad you guys are back in NY. I’m sure you get asked this all of the time, but what is the 411 on getting into the sutdio audience? I’m just down the road in Philly.

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