As we get closer to the new season of That Metal Show starting to get more news I can share with everyone. The season debut will be 2/21. The guest will be announced soon. The major change I just learned is that we will now premiere at 9PM ET instead of the usual 11PM on Saturday nights. The show will now debut at 9 and then also replay at 11 each Saturday. Needless to say many replays throughout the week also. And the link for audience tickets has now been made available. Please remember the show now tapes in NYC every Tuesday starting 2/17. You need to be in the NYC area to get tickets. Everyone is not assured a spot in the audience even if you get tickets so they do not encourage people to fly in just for a taping. If you live in the area or will be in the area anyway then they will likely consider you for a spot. Please note I have NOTHING to do with audience tickets. So please follow the application. I also have no idea why they ask for a photo. Again this is not my area to work on. Good luck scoring tickets and hope to see you at one of the tapings. More info soon. Here’s the link: http://gothamcasting.com/gothamrsvp/


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  • D. Comiskey on

    Ack. I’m gonna sign up, but I have to know who’s gonna be on first.

  • Doug R. on

    As long as the first guest isn’t Madonna, I’ll be happy! 🙂

  • Harry Taint on

    Gotta be Angus Young, right? AC/DC at the Grammys, makes sense to me.

    • Christina Arnold on

      Yeah, I did hear there’s gonna be a BIG guest on TMS!! Hope it’s Angus!

  • Whitesnake on

    They ask for a photo so Jim knows in advance who to say “We’re honored to have with us tonight…”. 😉 Can’t wait for the new season! Still think the first guest will be James Hetfield!

  • alan aaron on

    I find the requirement of a photo to be very discriminatory. What does it matter what I look like if I love metal and I love “That Metal Show”??? Nobody who meets me would ever think that I listened to metal, but that’s what makes things that much more interesting. Being a fan of metal should transcend anyone’s looks.

    • David C on

      If you are ugly, they won’t let you in. Being a fan of metal does not cancel out the ugly.

    • D. Comiskey on

      I agree. It’s very weird. It’s not like the audience is stocked with models, form what I’ve seen. LOL And I certainly wouldn’t help. Maybe they just want to make sure you have a black t-shirt to wear?

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