As we get closer to the new season of That Metal Show starting to get more news I can share with everyone. The season debut will be 2/21. The guest will be announced soon. The major change I just learned is that we will now premiere at 9PM ET instead of the usual 11PM on Saturday nights. The show will now debut at 9 and then also replay at 11 each Saturday. Needless to say many replays throughout the week also. And the link for audience tickets has now been made available. Please remember the show now tapes in NYC every Tuesday starting 2/17. You need to be in the NYC area to get tickets. Everyone is not assured a spot in the audience even if you get tickets so they do not encourage people to fly in just for a taping. If you live in the area or will be in the area anyway then they will likely consider you for a spot. Please note I have NOTHING to do with audience tickets. So please follow the application. I also have no idea why they ask for a photo. Again this is not my area to work on. Good luck scoring tickets and hope to see you at one of the tapings. More info soon. Here’s the link: http://gothamcasting.com/gothamrsvp/


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  1. There’s something about Steel Panther that I just don’t like. It’s almost like they hide behind comedy, because they can’t write good songs. I love Spinal Tap and Tenacious D, so I like comedy in music, but not their brand of it. That’s my random thought for the day.

    1. Interesting. My random thought of the day is I wish that Kiss would have retired for good in 2001, because when Steel Panther is easier to watch than Kiss now, that’s just a big bowl o’ wrong.

    2. Lol…with the talent in that band, they don’t need to hide behind anything. This is why they should be on the show. People either love them or hate them. We all know what side of that Trunk is on, but Don and Jim do like them, and that would make for an awesome interview/episode!

  2. When TMS came to Portland, after the show when the guys were meeting and greeting, I saw a guy who looked exactly like Charles Manson looking down from the balcony. I tried to get to Jim in the crush of people, but by the time I did, and pointed up and said, “Look, it’s Charles Manson.” the Manson look-alike was gone. If I ever came to a taping, and they had my photo beforehand, Jim would be ready to say, “We’re honored to have Chevy Chase in the studio tonight.”

  3. According to a blurb in US magazine, Bon Scott is still in the band, right alongside Brian Johnson. Maybe ring up US to ask if they can put you in touch with Bon to come on the show.

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