Hope everyone had a great weekend. For those asking about the playlists for my FM show being updated they finally are now. Check under Live & On The Air tab on the site.

Holidays are near. Both of my books available direct from me signed with any personalization you’d like direct from me. Just hit the books tab on the site. Makes a great gift so order early! Full selection of Eddie Trunk shirts/hats and more also available in the merch store on the site.

Live show tonight 6-10P ET SiriusXM 39. Richie Kotzen and Rob Halford will be guests. I’ll be hosting Kotzen at BBs in NYC this Wed. If you never saw him solo don’t miss it!

This Thursday’s podcast will feature an interview with a guy I get a ton of “Whatever Happened To’s” about; Adrian Vandenberg. Be sure to stream and download all of my podcasts free and worldwide with Itunes or www.podcastone.com Coming podcasts with Joe Satriani, Snake Sabo, Scott Ian, Dave Lombardo and more.

New TMS coming Feb 2015. No guest or audience ticket info available yet. Will post when it is.

Good to have Goody’s Headache Relief Shot back on board as a sponsor and bringing us more “Eddie Trunk Rocks” free bumper stickers. To order send a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE to:
Eddie Trunk Sticker
PO Box 41
Cedar Knolls NJ 07927

USA addresses only. Envelopes must be stamped and addressed properly in order to get the stickers sent. Thanks.

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  • Rick Shaw on

    More Farmikos, please!

  • Nick on

    Hey Eddie, any chance you ever play or interview the band Bobaflex?

  • earthdog70 on

    I just finished reading “High Stakes & Dangerous Men-The UFO Story” by Neil Daniels. Maybe since Eddie did the forward he would be a good guest for a podcast? I liked the book since it focused more on the recordings, versus backstage hi-jinks stuff.

  • Vinnie van Vincent on

    “send a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE …” when was the last time you read those words, reminds me about fan clubs back in the early 80’s ha! Looking forward to hear the podcast with Vanderberg!
    I saw Royal Blood at Webster Hall couple of weeks ago, best fxcking show i’ve seen in years have you checked them out yet Eddie?

  • DC on

    Can anyone summarize whatRob said last night. Wasn’t able to hear the show and it’s not on OnDemand anymore.

    BTW, Eddie, the guy you are responding to is a troll who’s been a real jackass on here the past week. Ignore him. He posts under different names. For some reason, he has his panties in a bunch about Priest.

    • Eddie on

      It will likely be on the app soon and in my FM show in 2 weeks. Essentially very positive and already talking about another album

    • DC on

      Wow. Awesome. Thank you, Eddie. I would be so happy if we get another album. I just don’t think Glenn will be able to do it after this tour is over with.

    • Ed Krane on

      Hey DC, why are u so jealous? What’s this nonsense about name changing? I post my real name while u hide behind your computer.Get real.

    • Scott on

      Why the negative attitude toward Tipton? Has he told you something? I didn’t think so. So shut up Goblok!

    • Dana on

      Hi DC,

      From what I remembered he discussed how great the tour is going. He thanked all the fans for their continued support and the compliments regarding his voice. He said the local New York shows were great, especially the crowd in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. He also said he hopes that they will continue on as a band and make a new record.

      He also talked about being a huge Hendrix fan and recounted how he attended the Isle of Wright festival. He also added that unbeknownst to him at the time that both KK Downing, whom Rob also said is a huge Hendrix fan, and Glenn Tipton were both also in attendance and that they didn’t know they were all there until a random conversation many years later.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Scott on

      KK idolized Hendrix. Did you see him on the Electric Eye DVD? The old grey whistle test performance is on there in which KK is dressed like Hippie Hendrix.

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