Don’t miss this week’s all new podcast that went up yesterday. It features an all new podcast exclusive interview with Joe Satriani. Joe covers lot’s of things in our chat. Grab it free and worldwide on Itunes (just search my name) or www.podcastone.com You can also stream it on this site if you hit the banner with my podcast on the home page when it comes up.

One week from today I’ll be in Oaks PA in the Philly area for the All Things That Rock Expo. I’ll be there Friday only starting around 1P. This is a huge vendor event and I will have both of my books available for sale. Hope to see you.

All new radio show on the  FM side debuts tonight 11P-2A on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston with new and classic hard rock and metal.  Full station list under Live & On The Air.

Congrats to my ticket winners for Ace Frehley at BB Kings NYC next Monday & Tuesday. Both shows close to sold out so buy tix in advance if you are going. I’ll be there Tuesday.

This Monday all new live SiriusXM show on channel 39 6-10P ET. David Coverdale will call in live.

Be sure to vote on the poll on the home page for the year end specials!

New TMS 2/21/15

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  • Mitchell on

    Great podcast with Joe! I’ll be seeing Richie Kotzen solo on Tuesday at the Rockbar and nobody better be recording in front of me.

    Hope to go back to the Rockbar for Y & T with you as the host next month Eddie!

  • Lori B on

    Eddie, I hope you’ll continue to air the Merry KISSmas special, though I see your poll shows the boys lagging behind a bit. PLENTY of people look forward to it, and I have personally waited for it every year since you started doing it! I used to tape it so I’d have it for road trips, lol! Please keep up this long time tradition!!! \m/ 🙂

  • Ron Murdock on

    This long time listener from the WDHA days, really appreciates the tickets for Monday Nights show Eddie!

  • Joseph on

    Eddie If Ace blew a .27 into a SDPD breathlyzer in 2012 please explain his 8 yrs of sobriety sir. His DUI is PUBLIC RECORD, sir. Its disgraceful for you and this hypocrite to claim sobriety when the facts are so clear. To harass Gene and Paul the way the both of you do is shameful. Ace would be an unknown if the great team of Simmons/Stanley hadn’t pulled him out of the gutter. Because Frehley couldn’t abide by the program he has drank and injected it all away while the class acts of Gene n Paul live as the millionare superstar class acts that they are. Ace has no one to blame but himself. Even the San Diego salvation army turned him away.

    • Steve D. on

      Why don’t you post a link to that “public record” please. Thank you in advance.

    • Joseph on

      Look it up yourself. Its not that difficult.

    • Antzzz on

      piss weak Joseph…you shot your mouth off…so back it up …princess

    • Joseph on

      I always back it up sissy boy. Thats a cute little moniker you hide behind. Dont forget to give your mommy that envelope I left.

    • Dana on

      Enough, all this verbal bullying is pathetic.

    • Steve D. on

      I did…and don’t see anything. Why don’t you just post the link?

    • elliot on

      it’s only right, now

    • Antzzz...Anthony on

      back your big mouth up….just as i thought….all b.s..Joseph…….you have been call out……..

    • James L on

      Actually the guy called you out. And antzee went wee wee.

    • Shawn on

      I’m surprised Eddie hasn’t commented on this….maybe because it’s true.

    • Eddie on

      Commented on what? I don’t waste time with pure haters that just make stuff up to further some agenda. It’s very sad.

    • elliot on

      i’ll have whatever joseph’s having.

    • David C on

      So, ok…obviously the guy has struggled with this all of his life. It cost him a spot in one of the most recognized and influential rock bands in history, it no doubt has had a huge effect on both his professional and personal life. I’m not defending him…in fact, I have gone on record here on many of my posts saying that the fact that he isn’t still in KISS is his fault and his alone. And I am also on record as saying I don’t think the new album is his best work, but that’s only my opinion and all can agree or disagree.

      But why the vitriol and anger towards Eddie? And sir, I can tell you that I live in Northern California. As part of my community service work, I have supported charities in San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego that includes both the Salvation Army and the AmVets San Diego charter. And this is hands on work…sorting clothing, moving boxes, working one on one with people in need on Washington Avenue in San Diego. Legitimate charities like the Salvation Army don’t “turn people away”. I have no idea about what you are talking about with Ace Frehley.

      I have no idea whether or not Ace is sober. I truly hope he is, but if he is still struggling I sure as hell won’t use it as an excuse to blast either him or Eddie Trunk. Why you have chosen to do this is truly odd to me.

    • Joseph on

      Pardon me sir, The Salvation Army turns away people daily. If you show up under the influence and it is confirmed through testing, you are IN FACT TURNED AWAY. His probation requires sober programming and so does the ARC @ Salvation Army. Nice try

    • Antzzz on

      calling Gene and Paul class acts is stretching it a bit…..they chew and spit out people left right and centre for their own good…..hypocrisy at its best Joseph…..

  • T on

    Curious to hear what Whitesnake will sound like now with Joel Hoekstra on Guitar.

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