Don’t miss this week’s all new podcast that went up yesterday. It features an all new podcast exclusive interview with Joe Satriani. Joe covers lot’s of things in our chat. Grab it free and worldwide on Itunes (just search my name) or www.podcastone.com You can also stream it on this site if you hit the banner with my podcast on the home page when it comes up.

One week from today I’ll be in Oaks PA in the Philly area for the All Things That Rock Expo. I’ll be there Friday only starting around 1P. This is a huge vendor event and I will have both of my books available for sale. Hope to see you.

All new radio show on the  FM side debuts tonight 11P-2A on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston with new and classic hard rock and metal.  Full station list under Live & On The Air.

Congrats to my ticket winners for Ace Frehley at BB Kings NYC next Monday & Tuesday. Both shows close to sold out so buy tix in advance if you are going. I’ll be there Tuesday.

This Monday all new live SiriusXM show on channel 39 6-10P ET. David Coverdale will call in live.

Be sure to vote on the poll on the home page for the year end specials!

New TMS 2/21/15

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  • Jason on

    If Van Halen wins can you do the first half Roth and second half the other guy, so I don’t have to turn it off after every other song?

    • elliot on

      c’mon Jason. leave gary cherone alone!

  • Rp on

    Love ace but..

    1.. Still wearing shades everywhere?.cmon ace, .anomally is 5 years ago
    2. Bring that guitar lower..you look like a country singer
    3.. Long jacket at beginning of gig…see point 2
    4.lose a few pounds ..

    Gene and Paul might be pigs but they look after themselves and look like rock stars

  • Julian's rum and coke on

    Ace tour 2014, sponsored by our friends at hamburger helper, underwriten by sonic shakes

    • sarture on

      The Ace “tour” is a real joke. What happened? The guy looks like he’s about 90yrs old. He can’t play or sing. Eddie, How can you in good faith promote this foolio?

  • Mike Anderson on

    so it looks like Van Halen will make the cut for the year end show. Eddie- can you please make sure you play some Gary Cherone? That version has always been my favorite incarnation of the band. He He!!

  • Al on

    On your Most recent podcast , you mentioned how uncool it is when people use their iPads,cells in excess. I agree with you 150%! Thanks for being a powerful voice in the Heavy metal/hard Rock Community!! Have a nice ThanksGiving!

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