So now that things are settling in with the new site how about some updates?

TMS will shoot new episodes in late April. Unsure if it will be in L.A. (most likely), Vegas or NYC. The decision is 100% up to VH1 and based on what is most cost effective and where the most artists are (why we moved to L.A., they all are based there). Once the dates and location are set the booking process will start. That is handled by me and VH1 with VH1 making the final call. Of course it is also based on who is available when we shoot and if THEY want to be on TMS. You would be surprised how many artists are picky about what they do and when they do it, but we do ask. Much more on TMS when I know, for now enjoy the many replays on VH1C.

Almost complete with Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Vol 2. Lot’s of work but it should be as good as book one with all different bands, stories and photos not in the first book, but same format. It will be released later this year. Exact date TBD. More soon. My debut book still available everywhere you buy books (physical stores, Amazon) and also via Itunes as a digital version. You can still order personalized signed copies direct from me. Just click the banner on the site for order info.

Had a great radio show with my bud former MLB star Mike Piazza in studio last night. Check out his book Long Shot. Also thanks to the great Sammy Hagar for calling in. He even put Bob Weir from the Dead on the phone. Never was a Dead head but that was pretty funny. Sammy working on new music and a 40th anniversary tour. I’ll be seeing him in Vegas next month when we both appear at R&R Fantasy Camp at MGM, details on the banner on my site.


Interesting interview in our news section from RS with David Lee Roth. Sounds like VH situation once again clouded. My ides? Get Michael back (all respect to Wolfie but Mike is Mike and Wolfie can be much more active with another band for now), and do a tour half set with DLR and half with Sammy. I like BOTH versions of VH and they had HUGE hits with Hagar that only he can sing. This would also give Dave a rest for his voice to maybe be stronger? Just thinking out loud and doubt it will happen, but that would make sense to me. Nobody getting any younger here!


Looking forward to sold out Monsters Of Rock Cruise next month. Once again I’ll be hosting this and it was a blast last year. If you are on board I’ll see you soon.


New special edition of the great new Overkill coming in a couple weeks with bonus live tracks. Look forward to hitting Testament/Overkill/Flotz this Thursday in NYC.


Live radio show this Friday on Q104.3 NYC 11P ET. Listen via the free iheartradio app too. Last Friday I was snowed out so had to run a Best Of. I will also be live this Monday on SiriusXM even though it’s a holiday. Tom Keifer will be my guest. SiriusXM channel 39 6PM ET.

I’d like to welcome two new affiliates airing my FM show each week! WYKT 105.5 FM in Kankakee IL (just outside Chicago) every Saturday 9AM-Noon, and K Rock in Honolulu Hawaii every Sunday night 9P-Midnight. Thanks to these stations for adding “Eddie Trunk Rocks”. Be sure to spread the word if in that area. And if your local stations does not air my weekly show let them know you want it, it helps. Thanks!

Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and updates. We will have much more audio, video and news now that we are on our upgraded server and hopefully have resolved issues with the site. Thanks for your patience and support.

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  • Bryan @bigbsvo on

    Eddie, enjoy following you on twitter and I appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my tweets (when you do have time). I know how hard it must be keeping up with all of your followers and having to read the same tweets over and over again, like “when is TMS recording?” I think you have been asked that a million times. You are quite the gentlemen answering it over and over again and still keeping your cool. I wanted to also thank you for taking my call on Sirius after you returned from namm and Dee’s roast. I asked a stupid question about lita fords reaction to the roast and then complimented you on your weight loss and you made it apparent by saying “I don’t know when you tuned in Bryan but we covered that earlier on in the show, and thanks for the compliment but I don’t like to talk about the weight much”, then I was off of the air, LOL, I listen to your show in my truck on my hour long drive from work to home and when I arrive home I have to pretend I’m excited to be home and eat dinner with my wife, all the while I have you on pause in my truck, so I hurry up and eat, hurry up and shower and then sneak back out to my truck to press play on my radio, and wouldn’t you know it, my radio powered off and I missed about 50 mins of the show. Had I known lita was already addressed I would have thought of something better to ask you. But non the less it made my entire week finally getting through to speak with you for the first time ever! You are every rock fans hero Eddie, everything you do for us fans of our music is remarkable and I can’t thank you enough for doing it and for being gracious enough to share you experience with us via daily tweets and now Facebook, although I’m not a big fan of Facebook and it appears neither are you, lol.
    Well, I’ve rambled on enough for tonight, thank you again for the tweets, the prize pack I won from the Q a couple of months ago and for autographing my book that my wife ordered for my Christmas gift. I was totally blown away with what you wrote, ” to Bryan, thanks for all the tweets, Ripper Rules, Eddie”. That was totally kick ass! Ranks right up there with my autographed Sad Wings of Destiny album by the Mighty Priest! Cherished gifts for sure.
    Keep an eye out for my tweets from @bigbsvo as by now you know, I will keep on tweeting on.

    Bryan Russell
    Grapevine Texas

    • Eddie on

      Thanks for the support Bryan, truly appreciate it. And I only probably loved you off the phone to get in more calls. Thanks again

  • Paw on

    The VH situation isn’t cloudy, Eddie. As long as Wolfie wants to be be in Van Halen, Mike is out. EVH will never forgive Sammy for the RED book, so that’s a non-starter. That leaves Roth, Alex and Wolfie waiting around for Eddie to decide to do something. What that will be is mostly nothing. The only songwriting that will occur will be by Eddie and Wolfie and those tunes will not be anywhere near what the OG Van Halen tunes were (if they ever decide to record them, which is questionable). There will be a “greatest hits” tour/series of one offs every few years or so, when the Van Halens run out of money but otherwise, they are toast.

  • Frank Rizzo on

    Eddie, on the cruise, I believe Black n Blue is on that 1, wish I could be there. Speaking of which, you alway’s talk about bands that should’ve been bigger, like UFO, but how about Black n Blue, & Jaime ST. James, in general? Thanks.

  • Frank Rizzo on

    Eddie, on the cruise, I believe Black n Blue is on that 1, wish I could be there. Speaking of which, you alway’s talk about bands that should’ve been bigger, like UFO, but how about Black n Blue, & Jaime ST. James, in general? Thanks

  • WC on

    Eddie, a thought on the Sammy/Van Halen situation: while waiting to get in to a show on the last VH tour, I had a couple of beers with some young guys (just out of college) who were also going to the show. I’m in my 40’s, and their eyes bugged out when I told them I’d seen VH at Monsters of Rock in ’88 (which made me feel really, really old, since Halen had been around for about 15 years even by that point).

    Anyway, while they were psyched to see the band with Dave that night, several of them were asking, “Hey, when are they going to tour with Sammy? Those were some great songs, too!” It occurred to me that because these guys were not alive when all the Dave vs. Sammy drama happened in the 80’s, they weren’t emotionally invested in either guy the way most older VH fans are (me, I’m in the “I like ’em both” camp, but I get the impression that’s a small minority of the old farts). They just loved the music and wanted to see it played live… which, of course, is the way it oughta be.

    Food for thought…

    • Eddie on

      More people like that for sure. Never understood the need to take sides in this. Two different bands to me and both great, and a TON of huge Hagar hits for VH that can’t stay dormant forever.

    • WC on

      Yep. I totally enjoyed the last tour with Dave, but if there’s a “30th Anniversary of 5150” concert in a couple of years, I’ll be the first one in line.

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