On a roll with another great week of guests on Trunk Nation this week. Had a great chat with Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters yesterday that has been making some news (will cone to my podcast soon) Tomorrow Vinnie Paul and Chad Grey will be in studio. Many more guests TBA. And Friday the show is all yours with your calls for “Free For All Friday”. Also thanks to Jason Ellis for dropping by my show today. Was good to meet him and fun to have him on. Join me for Trunk Nation live Monday-Friday 2-4P ET SiriusXM 106 Volume.

Saw the new Rush doc. Great! It would certainly seem by watching this their touring days are over. Great band, great people, amazing fans! If they are done they did it as classy as they have always been. Hope to have them on my shows again soon. Time Stand Still coming on DVD soon.

New podcast tomorrow features my interview with M Shadows and a guest call in from Billy Corgan. Free worldwide www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

Hope to see some of you in Woodstock this weekend for our TMS getaway at Euphoria Lodge. Should be fun!

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  1. Will your Thursday podcasts now be repeat interviews from your SiriusXM Volume shows? As much as I love your opening commentary on the podcast, it would be redundant to listen to an interview I’ve already heard.

  2. Seems recently that the opening commentary is Eddie whining about Kiss not liking him (two weeks in a row) or asking for free stuff, such as football tickets or interns that he “might” call back.

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