Hope everyone had a good weekend. Spent most of mine in bed with a stomach flu. But better now and headed into NYC shortly for a live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Guests include Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Todd Kerns from Slash’s band, and comic Craig Gass (aka fake Gene Simmons!). Hope you join me tonight for music and talk that rocks live. Plenty of your calls as well.

Sorry to hear of the passing of another rock icon David Bowie today. No need to even begin to try and encapsulate Bowie’s influence here. It is massive musically and visually on so many including the metal world. Like many I had no idea he was ill. Sadly never met the man but it is needless to say another massive loss for rock in this new year.

Caught some of the Lemmy memorial online. Was very well done. Motorhead’s manager Todd Singerman is a class act and Lem’s legacy is in good hands. Was sorry I couldn’t get to the W coast for it but was a great turnout as a farewell to a legend.

There is no other news on GnR until the members decide to talk and do interviews. It is strange the silence from them about this since it was announced and of course I have asked for interviews when ready. Right now nobody is talking and as you know Axl cancelled his one TV appearance. Guitar Player confirmed the lineup as it stands now and it’s exactly as I thought (story in news). If you consider that Duff was playing shows with the last lineup of GnR, in essence this is really Slash coming in to that band with DJ and Bumble having left. Obviously still big news, but when you think of it like that you can see why they aren’t using the word “reunion”, fans are. It is in the sense of Slash at this point. I’m sure much more to come and really hoping someone talks to let everyone know what this all really is. Maybe they don’t know themselves yet?

Just confirmed I’ll be doing my speaking show Feb 13th at The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY Feb 13th in The Loft. Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets on sale this Saturday! Join me for stories, Q&A and Stump The Trunk!

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  • Doug R. on

    First Lemmy, then Pat (Schneider) Harrington, and now Bowie, it never seems to fail. Whether it’s an actor, musician or a famous athlete, it always seems to happen in 3’s, (celebrities passing away) RIP David Bowie.

    • Doug on

      And now Glenn Frey…sad couple of weeks in music.

  • elliot goldberg on

    Schneider rocked the bass vocals on “duke of earl” at the old folks home with glenn (alex) scarpelli and Michael (Max) Lembeck. to quote he late, great ms. (bonnie franklin) romano, “damn!” p.s. please don’t ban me from this site. thank you.

  • tom on

    lemmy died 2 days after his birthday , bowie died 2 days after his birthday… things happen in 3’s ..eddie van halen has a birthday soon.

    • tom on

      ….and so does paul stanley

  • D. Comiskey on

    Any idea why the 1/4 show is missing from the InDemand app on Sirius??? They posted the 1/11 show the next day. I can’t listen to the show on Monday nights, so rely on ID to hear the interviews and such. Thanks!

    • Dana on


      Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question for you. However, I will pass it along to Eddie, as I am sure he would be better equipped to respond to your inquiry.

      Just got a response from Eddie and here is what he said, “I think they only post the interviews and I don’t believe I had any in that show.” I hope that helps.

      D 🙂

    • D. Comiskey on

      Oh, bummer!!!

  • James K. on

    The podcast today with Glenn Hughes was great! That guy has one of the most upbeat, positive outlooks on life than just about any rock star or celebrity I’ve ever seen. The first half with Craig was great to. How many people percentage wise would you guess have called your show when Craig was on who thought they were actually talking to Gene Simmons?

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