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On Saturday, January 9th, the world came together to celebrate the life of Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

With almost 300,000 watching on YouTube, Manager Todd Singerman led the ceremony, “Man, I hate using these words in past tense.”

He proceeded to pass the mic to Lemmy’s son Paul, “He had a feeling something was wrong in August. We will know the pain he was in … all of his years he was a stage warrior. Having moved mount everest, the show would go on. He wasn’t just a musician and songwriter … he was a figurehead. He set the bar. It was about keeping it real. Performing was everything to him. He was Lemmy all the time. He wasn’t a poseur. He paid his his dues. Motörhead’s last album was a struggle … it never revealed his frailed health. Born to lose, live to win. He wasn’t religious, but he was profoundly spiritual. He never tolerated anybody talking over music … especially his! Music wasn’t a background to him. Nobody on this earth posed his brand of humor. He was 100% real. I won the lottery when I got Lemmy. You were perfect. You are on the road to the great great gig in the sky.”

Then, the musicians spoke:

Guns N’ Roses Slash said, “Lemmy was somebody that I feel blessed to be friends with. He was such a a f–king great example of what my peers wanted to be. More integrity than anybody. 100 loyal. All these fine attributes. When I got sober he was so disappointed when I didn’t greet him with a flask of Jack Daniels.”

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford stated, “Over the years we’ve had some amazing times. We always looked forward to seeing the lads. When I was in the the presence of lord Lemmy. I was overwhelmed. As we know, the music lives forever.”

Anthrax’ Scott Ian commented, “Elvis you taught us how to dress, how to look. It was Carl Perkins and Little Richard how to sound. And it was The Beatles who taught us we could to write our own songs. And Lemmy it was you who taught us that we could be f–king real.”

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich declared, “I lived and breathed every note they sang. Lemmy was so hospitable and the ultimate party host. I’ve always cited Motorhead and Lemmy as in the inspiration and the primary reason Metallica exists musically and attitude wise. So thank you Lemmy for shaping who I am today.

Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl revealed, “There is not enough time to tell you what Lemmy meant to me. He’s my person … he’s the one that bridged my love of ACDC and Sabbath and Zeppelin … and my love with GBH, the Ramones and Black Flag.

Lemmy Kilmister died on December 28th at the age of 70 following a brief battle with an aggressive cancer.


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  1. It was more low key than I thought it’d be, but I guess the real party was afterwards at the Rainbow. Some of the speeches were a little long but there were some good ones, especially by his son Paul. The flower arrangement that was supposed to look like a line of speed was a kick and they ended in a fitting way with Lemmy’s bass being thumped and left to feedback. It was sad. I still can’t believe Lemmy’s gone. The world just won’t be the same with no more Motorhead albums and tours.

    I saw a cool cartoon online that was a picture of the clouds in heaven, with Lemmy standing with his bass and an angel turning to God and saying, “The new guy wants to know what time the bar opens?”

    Rest in peace Lemmy.

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