Sorry for the late update here, busy as usual with lots of stuff, which is why I always say to follow on Twitter for up to the second news. Had some great recent interviews with Nuno Bettemcourt and Jake E Lee on the Volume show. Grab them On Demand if you missed them.

The Mexico trip with Purple was a great experience. 4 shows ended up being cancelled including the last 2 in Merida and Cancun. I honestly have no idea why and sorry for those that were inconvenienced. I was simply the host on this tour, I had nothing to do with it beyond that. It was awesome to spend time with the band and so many fans. My new podcast posting Thursday will be with Ian Gillan from the tour in Mexico!

Upcoming TrunkNation schedule on SiriusXM 106 Volume 106 live daily 2-4P ET, replay 9-11P ET: This Thursday LIVE FROM THE RAINBOW IN LA! Major guest TBA. Past guests have included Slash, John 5, Tom Morello, John 5, Steve Vai, Sebastian Bach, Joe Perry and more. If in LA come join me at the Rainbow. it is FREE. no ticket needed. Please note on the Rainbow remotes the live show from the Rainbow is 6-8P PT/9-11P ET. All other days live show is 2-4P ET daily! This Friday Steve Lukather in studio from LA. Monday 12/3 Tobias Forge of Ghost in studio. 12/4 you help me vote on a real R&R HOF ballot! 12/6 the next Trunk Top 20 on Queen. 12/7 your Queen top 20’s! Don’t miss any of the rock action daily on TrunkNation on Volume and hope to see you Thursday night if in LA!

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  1. Awesome Tobias will be a guest. Ghost is my fave new band. I’m glad Eddie has started to promote this band. Whether you like them or not, Ghost continue to gain momentum in the rock world, and we all can be supportive of that to show that rock is indeed not dead.

    1. Brother Rattle, believe it or not, I just heard my first Ghost song about a month ago, I think it was called “Dance Macabre,” something like that, anyway, I loved it! Very 70’s/80’s-ish vibe to it, and that guitar solo is excellent! My wife absolutely LOVES that song! We both had no idea who it was when we first heard it, couldn’t believe it when we heard it was Ghost! I told her how alot of people on Eddie’s site keep talking about this band, and now I know why!

  2. Brother Doug! That’s a great Ghost song from the latest album, “Prequelle”. Yes, the band has a very old school vibe to their music. Yeah, some may not like them because of their shtick, but it’s all for entertainment. I’ve seen them in concert four times, and they put on a great, visual performance.

    To me, Ghost is like a modern day version of KI$$, with their mystique. But at least Ghost got it right, unlike KI$$….never publicly name the individuals portraying the Nameless Ghouls….this way, when those individual band members change, fans like me don’t cry “foul”, a la the Spaceman and Catman characters :o)

    1. You’re so right, bro! Other than Airbourne, I really have no interest in new/newer bands, that was until I heard that song “Dance Macabre!” Now I know what all the fuss is about Ghost! I’m still discovering their music, but if all their songs are as good (or close to it) as that one, jackpot! Cheers bro!

    2. Dana turned me on to Airbourne! I never heard of them until she posted them. And while not new bands, she also clued me in to Jet, so now I have their CDs, and she also clued me in to Tora Tora, but I haven’t bought any of their CDs yet. Now I hope she finds me a great new thrash band! :o)

    3. Dana turned me on to Airbourne as well! And she also reminded me about another great band I had forgotten about, Little Caesar! 🙂

    4. I’ve never heard of Little Caesar! I guess that’s another band I’ll need to check out….

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