Just back from hosting another epic Monsters Of Rock cruise. Sold out ship, tons of bands, and some amazingly cool passionate fans. It was a blast as always! Big news was made by the mystery band who i introed to kick it all off. That band ended up being the last lineup of Ratt with Jimmy DeGrasso on drums. It’s no secret there has been major drama around the Ratt camp, not to mention legal actions, with Bobby Blotzer using the Ratt name for his band. I have had Bobby on my radio shows a couple times explaining his position on this. Now comes a band that is all of the Ratt guys except Blotz. This band was rumored to be taking shape and now has played their first gig kicking off MORC. Their debut was a huge surprise to everyone on board and by design they don’t have a name yet. But they went down a storm and played an hour of all Ratt songs. The next moves should be interesting to watch and Warren DeMartini might be calling into my radio show soon to discuss. As I have said many times, my door is open to all when stuff like this happens, so it will be interesting to watch this latest chapter of the Ratt saga unfold.

The cruise itself really was great. I saw so many bands and then some I had no time to see. But of everyone I saw I thought many had great sets. I loved seeing Vain again who I hadn’t seen in a long time. The Winery Dogs played their final shows for a while as they are about to take a break. Portnoy has many projects, Sheehan will do some Mr Big (who also played and sounded great) and Kotzen has a new solo album done. But contrary to rumor TWD are not breaking up. Quiet Riot sounded great. I had no idea I was seeing Jizzy’s last show with the band as they just announced a new singer. Faster was the dirty mess you expect and want, and yes I drank with them as has become tradition! Loudness was as heavy as ever and Akira as amazing as ever. I loved The Atomic Punks, one of the best VH tributes I have ever seen. Kix fun and kick ass as always. And Britny Fox who I hadn’t seen in ages sounded great. Slaughter turned in two incredible sets. Really so many bands and much I’m, probably missing .. like Rough Cutt who hadn’t played in 30 years! Sorry if I didn’t get to see everyone, lots of stuff overlaps and it can be overwhelming. But it was a blast! Look forward to talking more about it on air Monday. Thanks to Larry Morand and Mike London for treating me so well and having me host these amazing events. Hope to see you on board the next one in Feb and I will have a cabin to giveaway on this site soon!

New podcast now up with Jesse James DuPree of Jackyl.

My new SiriusXM daily show on channel 106 Volume launches 10/17 LIVE 2-4PM ET, replay 9-11P. I’ll also be doing this show live from LA the week of 10/31. Lots of exciting stuff to announce soon!

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  1. Hey Eddie…glad you mentioned Britny Fox…always loved that band and have seen quite a few you tube live vids of them and they sound amazing. Tommy Paris replaced dizzy dean back in 91 i think and their album bite down hard is awesome….so is their live album they put out in 2000 called long way to live!…Tommy is a great singer and is also in counts 77. Of course everybody knows Johnny Dee…fantastic drummer and the new guy Chris Sanders absolutely shreds…I am bummed that Michael Kelly Smith didnt reunite with them cause hes a shredder too. Anyway, thanks for the update and im excited to hear your new show! Rock on!!

  2. Since the original members of Ratt came together after Bobby announced his version of the band, this seems to suggest that the band was willing to play again, just not with Bobby. He said he’s been asking them for years to do this, and shortly after he’s out of the picture, they’re back together and playing live again. They has to gall Bobby on some level. Who’s going to see his band, when they can now see Warren himself tearing it up again?

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