Super psyched to spend the next couple days with one of my all time rock heroes from one of my all time favorite bands Joe Perry. Joe will be live in studio with me tonight 6P ET on TRUNKNation (SiriusXM channel 39 Hair Nation) talking about his great new book and maybe even taking some calls from you guys. Then tomorrow I host Joe’s book launch and Barnes & Noble Union Sq NYC at 7P! My interview and Q&A with Joe at this event will be recorded for my podcast that will then be posted this Thursday! Admission is free first come first served. So if in NYC be a part of this great event and also the first ever Eddie Trunk Podcast done live with an audience and Joe Perry! Remember everyone can hear what went down free and worldwide when we post the podcast on the usual outlets this Thursday.

Also tonight on the SiriusXM show Mark Tremonti calls in live from the road with Alter Bridge.

Hosted Stryper at BB Kings this past Saturday night. Regardless of what you think of this band or their beliefs you can not not be amazing at how great they are live. The dual guitar playing and four part harmony vocals are just stunning and Michael Sweet is just incredible playing and singing locked in with Oz Fox. I have rarely heard a band sound this good at BBs. In this day and age with so many bands putting vocals (and more!) on pre recorded tracks it is even more incredible to witness how Stryper sounds live! Good seeing the guys and also my bud Richard Christy from the Howard Stern show who was hanging and watching his favorite band. Was a fun night!

Looking forward to this weekend at the Paragon Casino in Marksville LA hosting the rock fest Friday and Saturday. Both of my books will be for sale at the show as well as T-shirts and other merch. I’ll do my best to get out and sign all as well. Follow on Twitter or will announce from the stage when and where I will be during the event.

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  • Ryan B. on

    Eddie, does Richard put Stryper into the echelon of bands he will break a diaper out for so he doesn’t miss anything?

  • Lee Haltom on

    I hope that one day you’ll have EVH on the show. Have you ever tried or talked to him?

    • Wood on

      Dude please! The EVH nonsense has been touched on by Mr Trunk dozens of times over the yrs. Please wake up, focus, and snap

    • DC on

      I’m pretty sure he’s stated, multiple times, that Eddie has an open invitation.

  • Lendog on

    I saw The Joe Perry Project open for Rush in ’81. To this day, it is one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed. I’ve got the RnRolls Again/Moving Pics. Joe opened the show with Toys in the Attic. Ed, ask Joe what he thought about touring with Rush. Thanks.

    • Wood on

      Dog, U think Perry has any recollection of a tour that happened 33 yrs ago? Take your meds and get some rest. Then snap out of it.

    • Lendog on

      Ha. Back to the prozac

    • metalmania on

      WTF is your problem Wood?

  • James K. on

    Eddie, I’ve become a huge fan of the bands Kyng, Scorpion Child (my fellow Texans), Monster Truck (dumb band name but a great band), Buffalo Summer and Rival Sons. It’d be cool if any of those bands were on TMS. What new bands out there have you been listening to that you recommend?

  • Terry Barron on


    Will you autograph our pic from Rocklahoma at the Paragon this weekend?

    Terry Barron

    • Eddie on


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