Had a great time with Joe Perry last night in my radio studio. Was also cool to meet Yoshiki from X Japan who was a last minute surprise guest. And thanks to Mark Tremonti for calling in. Off to NYC now to host Joe’s book launch and record my first ever podcast with a live audience! You will hear it when it posts Thursday. If in NYC we start at 7P at Barnes & Noble Union Sq. Attendance first come first served. More via Twitter @EddieTrunk

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  1. To whom it may (or may not, LOL) concern, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks or so, (I hope) duty calls. You know how it is, when duty calls, everything else falls. Peace. 😉

    Grab a Heiny (Heineken) LOL, and LIVE IT UP! Cheers! 🙂 Happy trails…….

  2. Listened to the interview with Joe and wife Billie on Eddie’s radio show as it’s now on Youtube. Was a little hard to listen to as Joe seemed very tired (struggling at times with his vocabulary) and I guess he was if he’s been up since 4am doing press all day as well as the Jimmy Fallon show. Hope he’s a bit more refreshed for the podcast. Love Aerosmith and saw them in Sydney, Australia at Soundwave in April 2013 with Van Halen. Great show it was.

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